10 Ways to keep your Aura Strengthened and intact

We talked about understanding if our aura is weak , last week. Today we will learn and see the ways we can keep our aura strong.
1. Breath deeply, do pranayam, this will energize your mind, body and soul, and will also repair and strengthen your aura.
2. Spend time with nature, go to parks for walk. This is good for your physical body too, also with your aura and energy field.
3. Use sea salts for bathing and dipping your feet in water every day. This will help you wash away negativity from your aura and cleanse your energy fields by grounding all excess energy which is not useful for you.
4. Stay away from electromagnetic fields. Switch off your TV from power button, keep your mobile phones away from your aura
5. Try not to do cribbing or cursing anybody, this makes your aura weak as you are first creating negative energy within yourself and then extending it out, so first this energy will certainly harm you before it effects anybody else.
6. Try to see positive side of all situations, change your attitude towards life. Your attitude can make difficult situation easy going for your and this will also improve your aura.
7. Find things which makes you happy, happiness is the key of good aura and good health.
8. Spend time alone with yourself and meditate, this will make your energy fields strong.
9. Avoid shouting and being angry, this majorly makes your aura weak.
10. Learn to let go. Understand whatever is not coming to you is not meant for you, so let it go and vacate the place for the right things to come.

by Dr. Madhu Kotiya
Mind, Body & Soul Doctor


Monthly Tarot Reading for May 2017

ARIES (Mar 21- April 19)

You need to bring balance between body, mind and spirit, and to remain positive in life. We do not create every symptom or illness, but health is almost always made worse when our thinking is mainly negative or filled with anxiety. Think positively. A good message is on the card. There may be travel, journey on account of work for representation for which you have been waiting since long. Overall, things should be going well work-wise and if you’re looking for employment you are likely to get a very handsomely paid lucrative offer, which you have not ever imagined. Love should be going very well – if you’re committed, this is very likely to be a strong relationship that is mutually supportive and beneficial.

Tarot Tip: Find help if you need to in order to unearth these damaging negative patterns. You will be feeling ambitious and goal-oriented, and furthermore, you will have the determination to accomplish what you have in mind.

TAURUS (April 20- May 21)
You are calm and peaceful though with the pain. You believe in self-healing. You are in a phase where you can trust yourself more than a healer. Travel is indicated; some quick decisions might be required for smooth sailing of business. Money will be coming in very soon, and that it could come from anywhere a raise, a lottery win, an inheritance. Keep your nose to the grindstone and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Some auspicious ceremony might be held at home, house warming, wedding, engagement or birth of the child etc. There will be so much of positivity in your relationship that it is about to become a whole lot more committed – up to and including a potential marriage.

Tarot Tip: You need time and space to really get in touch with your soul and the universal energies around you all. You must work within existing systems and accomplish what people expect you to accomplish.

Your health situation may not be as good as you had hoped. Those suffering with serious ailments consider alternative healing methods too. Don’t be afraid to call on all healing energies you can think of, Tantra, Mantra, remedial measures, occult sciences, the universe, ancestors, and your higher power, God, whatever you can relate to. There may be windfall or sudden luck which will bring changes in your career. There may be some offer for a good job/or appearing in an interview, which would be for your benefits. You are likely to get a new line altogether in your career. You may need to change something major about your behaviour, thoughts, and expectations. Don’t overextend your reach. If you are a female a strong, forceful, man may be part of your life.

Tarot Tip: You have to accept as they are and find the new meaning in life. You are demanding, conservative, traditional and strict in your relations.

If you’ve been feeling ill, that will most likely end soon. If you do have some kind of ongoing health issue, you may benefit greatly from undertaking some sort of alternative therapy -nutritional counselling, massage, dietary restriction, and so forth.
You need to be reasonable and impartial in your work. If you are at the higher position your subordinates expect from you these traits. If you are not into it you could face opposition also. This is an excellent time to meet someone new if you are looking for a new relationship. If you’re ready for love, get out and mingle. A new relationship could happen at any time. If you’re already committed, your relationship may move to new, higher, more fulfilling levels.

Tarot Tip: Bring balance between your professional and personal needs and that way you could taste the better fruit in your career. A spiritual teacher may appear in your life now.

LEO (JULY 23- AUG 22)
Chances are good that you have been working too hard or behaving too intensely. There is a beast inside in all of us which causes unrest. Give yourself and the others around you a break, your frayed nerves demand it. Silence and rest works wonders. If you’ve started a new workout regime, don’t push yourself too hard. There will be good possibility for money and financial benefits in form of perks/increment, arrears or hike in salary. If you are looking for work, you will find a new job soon. A promotion or new good job headed your way. You and your work are appreciated and valued – and you should see signs of this soon. There may be gains through parental property as well. You may feel upset inside the heart this month. Things are not moving as per your desires and wishes. Depression, detachment might come your way.

Tarot Tip: You have also been ignoring your spiritual side. Explore spiritual belief systems that interest you.

Embarking upon the spiritual journey is indicated, because the things are not going as per your satisfaction. Those who are facing serious ailments are disappointed. All efforts of cure and medical attention are no more so effective. You feel uncomfortable atwork area this month, if you are expecting kindness and compassion of the seniors this will be a dream. Your boss or co-worker will not support hence sharing good rapport with them is unlikely. You may be assigned an important deal or project, which shall prove profitable in the long run. Something may be troubling you with regard to your relationship. You are not able to sleep, the person you like or love is not responding. You feel hurt and disgusted.

Tarot Tip: There may be situation when your love does not find any meaning and your parents go against your wishes. You are a hanged in between your own desires and values in life.

You are moderate and sensitive in your approach to life. Health remains good and you will enjoy every bit of it. There is love, compassion; concern and healthy bonding that play vital role for your health. Maintain it, you can do it. You are systematic and hard working and know the discipline and its benefits. Some conflicts, challenges are about to be coming your way dear!!! Be ready to face them. Don’t overreact to any perceived slights or disrespect. If you’re looking for work or interview you’re in the position of being able to present yourself very well. Some rash decisions have to be made in regards to your relationships in this month. Your physical, emotional and mental energies are at the peak. You may literally be about to be swept off your feet, whether you are male or female.

Tarot Tip: If you are currently in a committed relationship, it may give you some work to think, give yourself some time& space to understand your partner.


Fatigue, weariness, tiredness and lack of energy can overpower you this month. Create your own structures and design a life from your own imagination. The temptations of alcohol, drugs, and meaningless pleasure seeking; gambling and other escapes from reality may attract you this month. Aim high, but don’t have expectations of yourself or others that you or they can’t possibly meet. Do your work with patience and with stamina and it will pay off for you in the long run. Your accomplishments will not be overlooked. Now is a good time to start something new. Happiness, fulfilment is indicated in the family. Your mantra- love what you do will give you immense satisfaction whether at work or in relationship. You need to set time aside to relax and be happy with your loved ones.

Tarot Tip: Nothing recharges you or inspires you more than a relaxed time spent with those you trust and care for. You may fall in love with yourself.

If you have health challenges with the medical advice discipline, order, and commitment in whatever way that makes sense to you is the way to go about it. You may follow traditional therapeutic, yoga, meditation that has a high chance of success. You are very much concerned with spirituality now. You may be holding yourself back because you fear moving into the future, or because you are wary of getting hurt by a new situation. There may be financial constraints too. Do not fear the unknown; many blessings reside for you there. You will be spending time, money, and energy on your home, getting it to be more comfortable. There will be perfect understanding with your spouse. Parents and senior’s affection and support will be there. You will feel blessed and motivated. Those who are seeking love will be able to meet someone from a very influential and prosperous family.

Tarot Tip:
This is a good time to nurture your feelings, emotions and sentiments.


This month makes you feel a bit retrospective, and thinking about past failures. Ward off any negative attitudes that creep in and you will slowly come to realize that now is a good time for contemplation. If you are facing particular health problems, there is a need for you to have a trusted partnership with a healer that you can work well together with.
Things will be moving along well, and you’ll be feeling hopeful about the future with good cause. A new source of income is likely to be found out. Gains from parental property are on the cards. What is happening now or in the immediate future will be a direct result of what you have done in the past. Your sensuality and romantic inclinations are very powerful. Your charisma and personality will charm the opposite sex.

Tarot Tip: If you’re in a long-term relationship, the relationship will very likely seem to rise to new, deeper levels of commitment and enjoyment.


Be an active participant in your medical treatment. If you’re having symptoms that are confusing and not clear, take second or third opinion. Western, homeopath, Ayurvedic and even naturopath all these have the cure in their own distinguished way. See what suits you best. Educate yourself as much as possible before you take any final decision. Promotion, hike in salary, increment in salary or other kinds of financial benefits are likely in this month. Some of you may go for study abroad, to realize their higher educational goals. Family matters could demand more attention than usual, so take time out for that. This can be a magical, mystical time for love.
Tarot Tip: This is an excellent time to pursue any activity that requires your mental concentration. Good things are heading your way and you must be ready to step up and make the most of the opportunities. Get involved in the activities that will challenge you to do your best

You are likely to be very much excited this month. There are so much excitement which demands your time, action and money. Don’t ignore your health amidst all these. Regular rest, diet and sleep are as much required as breathe and you should make promise to follow a strict restriction in this area of life.
In career equip yourself with good reading, understanding and awareness. It is not humanly possible to do everything and be everywhere yourself. This is a good time to get involved with groups even if you don’t think of yourself as a group person, as you will find that you have much to learn from them in a very positive way. You have the power to bring positive changes in your love life and you will do it.

Tarot Tip: This month, there will be many challenges on emotional front you may get hurt, heart broken or face deceit. Control is required over opposing emotions, wants, needs and people to bring them together and give them a single direction.

by Dr. Madhu Kotiya, Mind Body & Soul Doctor
MSHezaim Institute of Tarot & Divination

Wiccan Healing


Wicca is a belief system and way of life based upon the reconstruction .Wicca is a religion with strong moral code, promises peace and harmony with the universe and offers its followers the ability to tap into a supernatural source of power to be used for the benefit of mankind. It is a nature based religion and wiccans believe that they are tapping into an energy source that is naturally occurring in the world around us, and merely needs to be channeled in the right direction. The religion of Wicca can be described as a form of worship where the God and Goddess being worshiped are viewed in the form of a triple goddess and a horned god. The God and Goddess are assumed to be “avatars” of a main supreme deity who has many different forms or avatars. A large number of theological aspects also exist within this religion starting from monotheism which refers to worshiping only one form of God to atheism which means having no belief in the existence of God or any such super natural being.

The belief of most Witches is that “God” is a supreme force which is genderless. This image is hard to picture in the mind’s eye. Therefore, in order to create an image that is easy to imagine and relate to, the Wiccan pictures a God and a Goddess as their source of worship. Just as there are male and female in most of nature’s creatures, so is there also a male and a female God in the Wiccan religion. The male God of Wicca has been named many different names and according to the different traditions of Witchcraft. Some of the names are: Cernunnos, Pan, Faunus and Osiris. Different names by which the Goddess is known by are: Aradia, Isis, Diana and Cerridwen. Some Witches prefer to generalize by calling them “Lord and Lady”, or simply “God and Goddess”. The night time and moon are attributes of the Goddess. The sun is associated with the God, hence the terms “Moon Goddess” and “Sun God”. The Witch decides upon the image of the Supreme Being or God and Goddess with whom they feel communication flows most easily.

Wiccans use different kinds of healings, some of the common healing I am trying to brief here

Energy Healings

You are surrounded by healing energy-albeit which you need to tap into it to benefit from its power. When you need to regroup or revitalize yourself turn-off your phone and create a quiet space. After taking a deep breath and exhaling-let go of all thoughts. Then:

• Visualize healing energy cascading into your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Hold the energy for 3-4 minutes.

• Visualize healing energy cascading into your body from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. Hold the energy for 3-4 minutes.

• Visualize a shining, silver cocoon surrounding you. Imagine this cocoon is filled with light and healing energy. Within this space, visualize everything is warm and comforting and that nothing can harm you. By visualizing yourself wrapped in healing energy, you will access the infinite restorative power of the universe.

• When you are ready, visualize this shell opening to a world filled with unlimited energy which you are a part.

Visualizing healing energy surrounding you is a wonderful way to revitalize your energy. When you feel that you need to withdraw from the world, it is often because you have too many demands on your time and physical stamina. When you create a space in which you can restore yourself and then visualize this shell is charged with healing energy that eventually unfolds into the universe you can restore yourself in ten minutes. You will notice it becomes easier to deal with the concerns of the outside world when you have restored your energy.

Healing Modalities

Healing Touch: – Healing Touch is a method of energy therapy that utilizes gentle touch to enhance a total balance of health encompassing mind, body, and spirit. Healing Touch uses one’s own energy to affect healing. Clinicians touch the individual in order to stimulate the energy fields within the body. This technique can be used safely for adults and children. Many people have attested to quicker healing and shorter recovery times when this method of therapy is applied before and after medical procedures. Healing Touch provides a comfortable and relaxing form of therapy. The nurturing touch is administered only to specific body parts but serves to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body, resonating through the whole person, spiritually, mentally, and physically. This technique is non-invasive and is completely safe for people of all ages. It can be combined with other therapeutic methods and medicinal applications. Healing Touch has been known to reduce stress, decrease pain, create calm by relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety and to alleviate physical discomfort related to neck and back issues. It has also been reported to aid in patients suffering with the side effects of cancer treatment, and it can help those with chronic illness better manage and cope with their symptoms. Another by-product of healing touch is the deepened sense of connection to one’s spiritual self.

Spiritual Healing: – Spiritual healing is a term known to many. However it means different things to different people. The entire premise and perspective of this article is based on the purpose of life, one of which is to grow spiritually and help others not merely at worldly level but with the focus to grow spiritually. The more we are aligned to helping a person grow spiritually when we practice spiritual healing, the less we risk being misaligned with the purpose of life and a resultant reduction in our spiritual capability to heal. Seema sharing her experience said , I was always a very ambitious person, I always scored very well in academics, even I got placed in the best company of my industry but later even after getting all I wanted, sense of happiness was missing which affected my performance and lost my job, I was really confused to what is happening with me and then I met Dr.Madhu Kotiya, after sharing my problems, she helped me realizing my problems in a better way and gave me solutions. Today I am back in that company on a higher designation and better pay scale. Today I feel more focused, happy in life.   

 Past life Healing: -The technique used during past life regression involves the subject answering a series of questions while hypnotized to reveal identity and events of alleged past lives,. Past life healing gives you the opportunity to re-live certain times in you past lives, perhaps certain critical moments that define who you are today and see what happened. In many cases it’s like when Detectives go back to the scene of the crime to obtain evidence or shed new light on a case. Perhaps you will see things, hear things or feel things which will finally allow you some closure or relief. Past life regression or Past life Healing is the deliberate use of a variety of methods to retrieve memories of experiences that occurred in other life times. Most of us have no problem in seeing strengths and weaknesses in others. When it comes to knowing our own life situations with clarity, the challenge often seems insurmountable. Viewing the cycles and patterns of behavior recurring through many life times, we get a clear insight into our habits, struggles, fears, hopes, choices and dreams. What is remarkable about past life work is that you can process as powerfully as if you are remembering your present day childhood, and more importantly, you can begin to discover solutions to other intractable problems, such as phobias, allergies, and disease. 

Sandeep was taken into hypnosis and regressed to a past life. He told me that he was in a cold, stone floored room. There was a high window and big solid door. It was dark. He was a young man, wearing smart trousers tucked into boots. The top half of him was dark so he couldn’t tell what sort of clothing it was. At first he didn’t know where he was or what was happening. As normal I asked him questions about himself and his surroundings but he didn’t want to tell me anything.  I eventually got out of him that he was a Businessman, called Yashveer. The year was 1952.He was very nervous and refused to tell me any more so I brought him out of hypnosis. Once he was back to his normal waking state of mind he was fully aware of what he had felt, known and witnessed during hypnosis and he told me what had happened. He was a Businessman with rude behavior, angry attitude and cruel towards his employees.’Sandeep‘ told me previously that his three marriages are failed due to some or the other reasons, but the similar thing in all were his brother- in- law was suffering from disability. After doing his past life regression I came to know that he was very cruel businessman in his past life and beaten up one of his employee badly that he lost his hand. This was the reason that in all three marriages his brother in laws was suffering from some or the other disability. Reasons of the broken marriages were he never respected love in his past life.

The purpose of healing the past is to help you break free of those compulsions and urges that keep you locked into old patterns of behavior and belief, not only for you to make new choices, but also to step forward into your life purpose. We all want to function at the maximum capability. A 100% commitment to whatever we are doing may be difficult because a major part of our energy is locked away in old patterns, beliefs, fears, and addictions. Every time we trigger a memory, we release trapped energy at every level of our being. With each memory that we clear, space opens inside for something else to flow into us, something we may not believe we deserve- healing love and joy. Under normal circumstances, our reserve of energy is barely half of what we were born with because the available energy is locked away in the traumas. Reliving an event not only releases it in both the physical and emotional bodies, it raises our vibration because energy has been freed from the trauma and cleaned off.
As we work through our past, we can face the experience of abuse, change the memory to release the poison, and fill ourselves with love. The painful events of the past become our historical past, instead of creating a hysteric present.

Crystal Therapy: -Crystals have always been regarded as bringers of peace, prosperity and happiness. Favorable crystals bring about name, fame, power and make life easier. Ancient scriptures from across the world have praised them as powerful agents of energy that influence human fate and destiny, induce good energy and expel the negative energy that produces sickness and suffering. Healing Crystalsare one of the most beautiful, mystical and profound “energy medicine” tools, which have been used for centuries throughout all cultures, religions and empires. Crystals bring amazing benefits to the healing arena. Crystals magnify the highest energy within, and both the newly spiritually aware and the seasoned crystal worker can gain insight and focus into their lives when combining this energy with the suggested positive affirmations to elicit forces of attraction and confidence. Crystal therapy is the age old traditional faith and belief of people that crystals possess certain magical healing properties and energies that affect human body, soul, and energy. Crystals works on the mechanism of releasing and receiving energy. Crystals can do wonders if it worn correctly. The appropriate crystal have magical effects if it worn by a person. The aura of a crystal plays pivotal role in the healing process if a person is going through some ailments or serious of unfortunate events as well. Their aura surrounds the body of bearer and cast away the evil energy and protects the bearer from misfortune and illness.

Meditation: Meditation is one of the basic tenets of Wicca, in order to be effective in magickal work, you will need to learn to enter a state of deep relaxation, a place of calm and balance to align yourself with the natural forces around you. As you learn to still your mind and enter this state of relaxation, you are learning to focus your mind, becoming centred, balanced and calm, you are learning mental discipline. It is here in your inner self that you will meet your Spirit self and your guide through your journey.

To reach a truly meditative state requires a lot of practice, and it is important to be patient and take your time. By using a meditation device repeatedly, such as incense, candles, chanting or drumming, you can condition your mind to enter a meditative state.
Basic Meditation Technique releasing negativity and also helpful in releasing physical, mental and emotional discomfort.


Find a room in your home where you will be undisturbed. If this is not possible, a corner in a room could become your place of regular meditation. Prepare the room if you can with a lighted candle, some fresh flowers, and some lighted incense, or aromatherapy oils to purify the space. Make sure the room is warm, and that the lighting is soft. When you first begin to meditate choose a place that is not too noisy. A blanket over your legs can be comforting. Placing a shawl, or blanket around your shoulders can also be a part of your attire for your meditations. Wear loose, comfortable clothing making sure there is no tightness at your waist, hips, or chest. Switch off your mobile, and take the phone off the hook. Turn off any other appliances that may interfere with your meditation. This is time out for you, your time away from all other responsibilities. Affirm that you deserve this time out. 


You can sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, and your hands resting in your lap, or on your thighs. It is preferable to sit for meditation without leaning onto the back of the chair. 

You may choose to sit on a cushion on the floor. You can do this by sitting cross-legged. Choose a cushion that elevates your buttocks. Rest your hands in your lap. Traditionally the palms of the hands can be upturned on your thighs.

However you decide to sit, keep your back straight throughout the practice. 

To help centre yourself, gently sway from side to side, and then gently move from your hips, forwards and then backwards. You will sense where the centre of gravity is in your body to keep you aligned.


=> Sit comfortably

=> close your eyes

=> take some deep breaths and relax yourself

=> visualize roots coming out of your soles and going and settling down in the earth , as deep as you can imagine

=>Now visualize white light falling on your crown chakra (above your head)

=> feel this light entering into your body, flowing through your body and then going down thru the roots to mother earth.

=> Affirm, thru this light i now let the negativity collected in my body and my aura, let all the pain, anxiety and negativity get washed out

=> let this energy keep flowing thru you, till you start feeling light, this may take 10 – 15 min minimum.

=> once you start feeling light, visualize the white stopping its flow from akasha.

=> visualize the roots from soles coming back to you 

=> take 3 deep breaths so that the healing energy settles down in your body.

=> and now open your eyes slowly, and you are done with your meditation.

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Personalized Yearly Predictions by Dr Madhu Kotiya

Personalized Yearly Predictions by Dr Madhu Kotiya

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Tarot reading as per Zodiac Signs for December 2014

December monthly tarot reading:


You will reap the fruits of your hard work at your work place this week. Work will go smooth as there will not be much work and you will be waiting for results to come. This is a good time for planning and strategising. You have been very careless about your health since long, this is the high time you start listening to the signs of discomfort your body is giving to you. Go for a proper medical check up. If you are already facing some illness, follow the medical advice strictly and concentrate on your recovery. Positive thinking can also help in recovering fast. This month is very good for family and relationship. You will spend ample of time with your family and partner. A short holiday is also on the card. Go and spend quality time in nature and listen to all your family members. Let others speak, try to understand their feelings, it will help you to create more loving environment at home.


You will do quite well at your career and work. Things will turn towards success with very little efforts, as if everything is planned easy for you. Your team members and colleagues will support you and help you in achieving your targets on time. It’s a good time for investment in property. Avoid easy money schemes; they may lead you towards financial loss.  You are full of energy and ready to join a new health regime. This month is the best time to start working towards your goals related to health. You can even start with a 5 minutes’ walk to start with, follow the rule of stow and steady wins the race. This is the best time for you to take your existing relationship to the next level. You can decide for a long term commitment or decide to marry your partner. If you are single, you may meet your future life partner this month in a very surprising and unexpected way.


There is success and recognition on your way at your work place. Your seniors will appreciate your work and efforts. You may have more than one project to work on, prioritize your list of work rather than trying to do all together. Prioritizing will bring better results for you. Be aware of the people back biting, do not talk much, your work will prove how good you are. Your health will remain good this month and you will party out with friends and family a lot. This is time to enjoy and have fun. You are feeling stagnated and frustrated in your existing relationship. It is high time to solve your issues. It will be good to express what all you feel before you take a decision. Discussions may lead to one more chance of compromise. You may decide to walk out of a relationship this month. It will be a good idea to take out some time and spend with yourself. Try to understand your inner self before you take any harsh decision.


You may have to struggle to prove your point of view at your work place. There are colleagues who are try to pull you down and prove you wrong. Be cautious of the back biting. Things may not turn the way you have perceived. You may decide to change your job or leave a project in between and take a break to decide what exactly you want out of the work in hand. Take care of your health, its high time you stop taking your health lightly. You need to work on your immunity system. Small seasonal illness like cold and cough may trouble you and you may have to take off from your work and be on rest for a day or two. Try naturopathy or your grandmother’s home made formulas to heal yourself. If you are thinking of marriage and looking for a partner, this is a good time to take decision. Marriage is on the cards for you this month.


You need to collect all your energy and put into your work in hand; this is high time to complete the given work to you. You are already running late. There can be a deviation in your work area, a small change or you may have to start reporting to some other branch. You have taken your health always seriously and doing all your routine exercise to keep yourself healthy. This time it’s not physical health you need to work upon. Now you have to start working on your thought process, positive thinking is the key to your health. Don’t think about something which has not even happen, try positive affirmations. You may have to spend more time at home, taking care of an elder member of your family. There is not much happening in your relationship front this month. You may feel stagnated as nothing will move much towards good.


If you are facing some problem in your job, this is the right time to change it. You will get opportunities to change, if you try and keep in touch with job consultants. People in business may also have to face strong competition in market and may feel low in energy as there will be less result with too much of effort. Its just a phase and will be over soon, stay positive is the best way to keep your energies high. You have been trying different health programs and leaving them in between. You need to take it seriously and be regular on your health program, else you will not be able to achieve your goal. There is a beginning of new relationship in your cards, someone will walk in your life and will make your life beautiful. Do not jump into commitment fast, give it some time. May be things won’t turn out the way they are looking right now.


You are happy and comfortable in your work. Your planning skills will give you good results at work this month. Thoughtful and well planned changes in job or work will be beneficial. It a good time to invest in property or gold. You have been pushing too hard on your health to keep up your goals at work and other aspects of life. This hampering your health and may cause a long term illness if not attended soon. Watch on your food intake and drink lots of water, it will help you detoxifying your body. This is high time you start working on your existing relationship. Your partner has been  feeling  neglected since long. Take off from everything and plan to spend some quality time with your partner , it will improve things between you two.  If you are single and looking for a partner, this month is not good to get into a new relationship.


You have been putting a lot of efforts at your works,   area but things have not been turning towards good for you. You may be feeling alone as your team is not supporting you. You need to start trusting in some colleagues so that you can share your work with them. Alone you may not be able to fulfil your target. You will be in best of health this month so if you are planning to join some accessing workout, this is the best time to enrol yourself. Buying of a new vehicle is on the cards for you. A long term wish related to your career may get fulfilled or you may receive an unexpected financial gain. You may spend quite a lot of time with your friends and family. There can be a family celebration lined up or you may attend some family get-togethers. An old friend may come and meet you and make you surprised. You will be feeling happy and contented emotionally.


You have been a strong and dominating team leader at your work place. This is the time to soften your behaviour with your team members; there are chances that you lose some important colleagues because of your straight forwardness. If you are planning to venture something new, this is not the right time for you. Concentrate on what you have in your hand. Hold on your new venturing plans. Your health will remain balanced this week and there is not much to be taken care. You can concentrate on your mental health and learn or practice some meditations. You may have to spend on your family members for some sudden plan of celebration or holidays. You may go out of budget in this. So watch out on your expenses and spend carefully. Overall this month will go peaceful and happy. You may meet someone special, if you are still single. Offering water to sun in the morning will bring more success to you this month.


Recognition of work and a lot appreciation in work on your way this month. You may throw a party for your success achieved at your work place. If you have any stuck payment, you may receive it this month, do not stop following up for the same. You have very strong will power, specially when it comes to your health. Your testing time of will power is almost ending, now you need to  start taking care of your health. Your untimely food intakes and no schedule of eating is creating problem. Keep a watch on what and when you are eating. It will be a good idea to take some professionals help and get your diet plan made. Stictly following your diet plan will help you improve your health. If you are facing some health problem since long, this is the high time to consult another medical consultant and get a second advise. You may need to change your life style a bit so that you treat your problem fast.


You have been facing problems in work since long, this the time when these problems are about to get solved, don’t give up and you will see success soon. If you feel that you need to change your job, you can start looking for one now, new opportunity may just knock your door with good lucrative offers. Your health is fine, it just your mind troubling. You don’t have any illness, its just the low energy. Walking in nature, meditating, eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help. Try grounding your negative thought and learn to let go. You may decide to walk out of a long term relationship as you may feel that there is nothing much to do and nothing can be sorting out. Before you take this decision, just give your relationship a last chance, this time it may sort and you may get into a new and loving beginning of your existing relationship.


You are going to get result of your efforts soon at your workplace. Things may not turn the way you expected but still you will be beneficial. You need to learn to be contented with what you get, may be you were expecting more than practical. You have been holding and balancing with your health with an existing problem and now about to reach to the peak. You need to start looking for a solution. Living with problem and becoming habitual of the same is not a good criteria towards your own health. There is a family celebration in the cards. Birth of a baby, news of conception or fixing up of a marriage. You will spend a lot of time with your family and friends. Do not overlook on your work while putting more time at home, try to create a balance between work and home. If you are facing some problem in your existing relationship, you may reach to a solution to sort it out.

Dr. Madhu Kotiya

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Happiness comes from within

We all keep looking for happiness outside and keep feeling sad as we fail to find it in others.

Others around us are looking for their own happiness so they have no intention towards our happiness. And this creates sadness within us.

We need to understand and realize that happiness comes from within. It exists within us, the day we find it, everything in outside world becomes full of happiness.

We need to learn to see within rather than looking outward. Everything starts from within and the link to complete this inner quest also exist within. So Friends, stop looking outside for your happiness, find it within. The day you will become successful in finding your happiness within, the outer world will become most beautiful and full of happiness for you.

Meditation is a good way to look within. If you find meditating difficult, you may look for some guided meditations available on YouTube, guided meditations are easier to follow rather than reading a meditation and then trying it.

To start , you can first start spending time with yourself. Sit alone somewhere in open area like a park or a terrace. Try to dwell within your heart and list out things coming to your mind about yourself. Try to listen to your own inner voice, it has always been there, it’s just that you never tried to hear it. You will realize that spending time with yourself is even better than spending time with your acquaintances. You may find answers to many questions for which you have been looking for answers outside.

Once you start enjoying your own company, you will never feel alone and learn to meditate and go deeper within to find answers to your own quest.

It is written in Bhagwad Geeta that the whole world exists within the human body, we just need to learn and understand this deep teaching and then we will find this never ending happiness within us.


Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Life coach, Angel therapist, Past life regression therapist, Crystal therapy , Mentor in tarot classes and other occult science and paranormal subjects.


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Bring Change in your Life


We change place

we change people and friends

We change jobs and career

Still we feel unhappy…. why?

because we don’t change our self.

the change has to come from within always. Whatever we see around us is a direct reflection of what we are and we think. Everything around us is our own creation by our own manifestation. But we normally find people cribbing about surroundings, they keep saying i always end up with such people and nothing changes, I have even changed the city I live, but still same kind people around me.

We need to understand, that the energy moving around us, is very sensitive and it follow every little thought we have and then it manifests the way we perceived somehow, knowingly or un-knowingly.

We need to train our mind, if we want to create a change around us. The first step towards it can be : stop cribbing and crying and start blessing people, even if they are bothering you. Cribbing is not a solution, it creates negative energy first around us and then around that person for whom you are cribbing. Negative energy cannot give you positive result. So learn to bless people.

Second step can be ; start thinking positive, even if you have doubts about success of something, don’t think about failure, try to create positive energy around your work and you will see tremendous change in your attitude and success will start following you.

Following these 2 steps will bring lot of change in you and your surroundings, so start changing yourself today to create change in your life.


Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot reader, spiritual healer, past life regression therapist , life coach

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