9 Signs your Aura is weak or broken


Aura is the energy shield around us which protect us from all the negativity including illnesses. Often our aura get weak and we become susceptible to negative energies which can harm us in all ways like mentally , emotionally, physically , career wise, relationship wise. Here I am going to list out signs which can help you know that your aura is weak or broken.
1. You feel emotionally very unstable and get affected by anybody’s trouble.
2. You go through extreme emotions like getting angry or cry without having a strong reason for the same.
3. You are finding yourself unable to make decision for even small things like what you want to eat and this can be at every state of decision, no matter how small or big it is.
4. You feel very low energy especially when you come back after meeting many people or even interacting with unknown people in public areas.
5. You have become fearful of going out alone or performing anything which you use to be confident about. Basically loss of self confidence is a big sign of aura weakness.
6. You are keeping unwell very often and catching cold , cough kinda problems again and again. Also medicines will work slow on your physical body.
7. You have become lazy and skipping all your gym, yoga or all sorts of exercises due to loss of energy.
8. You loose all excitement of doing things which you use to enjoy, you only feel like lying down and resting.
9. Feeling as if someone is trying to talk to you, listening to whispers and sometimes feeling a presence when you know no one is actually around you. This only happens when your aura is gone broken.

by Dr. Madhu Kotiya
Mind, Body & Soul Doctor


Weekly tarot readings April – 23-29, 2017

Hi, Aries!!! Be calm and cool. You can solve half of the problems with steady approach to life. Unsteady mind, restlessness, and aggression could give nothing only increased BP problems and hypertension. Travel overseas or distant land is indicated which is likely to be profitable. This is the time for making deals, connections and collaborations. Your net working will increase and so shall your confidence. Those in export and import business can expect a lucrative deal. Don’t move too fast; finish what you started before you decide to call off. Commitments and altercations made now will be beneficial in the long run. As you tend to be very logical and critical t, this week, this may mar your relationship area. Avoid heated arguments; there could be situations on domestic front, which need your partial judgment.

lucky number 6
lucky colour peach
lucky day saturday

You are outgoing and energetic this week. Health remains good. Some quick movements will make you busy and you enjoy in doing so. You will have the drive and determination to move forward. Don’t try to force things, as that is likely to backfire on you. This is not the right time to take important decisions. You may feel as if your energy is blocked. Secret motives, clandestine information could make you tensed up. Vigilance and clear perception will be necessary to find that which is hidden before it is too late. You feel romantic and passionate about love. If you have someone in your life you can express your feelings and results are fantastic this week. If you are looking for love or life partner some opportunity might knock at the door today.

lucky number 8
lucky colour purple
lucky day monday

You have forceful energy today, which makes you hyperactive. You tend to be interfering in others matters, which some people find abrasive. A change in the way you do things will lead to a positive development. Things are looking up on career front. Projects or ideas that you are about to launch should do well. You can achieve now which seems to be unattainable before, with your determination and will power. Join a coaching institute, seminar or just would be the anchor in a ceremony. Higher energies are in motion to assist you in living a new, fresh, and wonderful life. It is time to heed your highest calling and come to a final point. It could be adding new friend/partner o/ tying a nuptial knot/ or planning a baby. Judge what best action should be taken and rise up to the challenges to embrace our best life.

Your health situation is likely to be good, but you are on a very fast track. You are into adventure, rigorous exercises, travel, movements and sporty spirit. Be careful when exercising; there could be sometimes minor injuries or sprains. There may be some constraints at work place. Things are not moving as per desires. There could be lay off/ stagnation/ retirement or job is very demanding which you find it difficult to do justice. Worrying about your job is not going to help matters. Focus on what you can control, and try to leave your anxiety by the wayside. Conflicts, difference of opinions are foreseen in relationship area. There is restlessness and unreliability; you can’t resist anyone’s ideas or interference today. You or your spouse thinks your words are last which have weight age. Learn to value others opinions and words.

lucky number 19
lucky colour red
lucky day tuesday

Worry, stress, and anxiety are very likely to be affecting your life now. Be sure that you are taking good care of yourself as much as you can. Balance in exercise, food and water intake.You want to follow your dream, no matter what it is. If you have a desire to do something different, but don’t know anybody who does what you want to do – be bold, and call up someone who does what you dream of doing, and ask them if you can have lunch with them. This is a good week when you can feel proud on your ability and efforts. Those who are looking for love will be able to find a perfect match of their choice. Some deep rooted qualities of Leos as caring nurturing, leadership, authority are best this week, which could give strength and confidence to the family as a whole.

lucky number 22
lucky colour yellow
lucky day friday

You may be repressing your emotions, and if so, this will impact your body negatively. You must still be careful how, when, and where you vent your emotional reactions. Anything that reduces your stress level will be helpful now, even a five minute walk. This is a great time to take some time off from work if you can, or even a long weekend in which you can enough time to relax yourself. You need a break and some perspective. Things are not likely to be going as you would like them to do, don’t take this personally or try to push harder. If you are already in a committed relationship, you can enjoy a happy, generous, fair and balanced relationship for at least a while. Allow your beloved to give to you and at the same time, make sure that you are doing your fair share of giving to the relationship.

lucky number 30
lucky colour sea green
lucky day saturday
Hi, Libras!!! Health issues may bother you this week. You may be anxiously waiting for test results or for information on what a particular health problem actually means. Take one moment at a time, think positively, and know that it may take a while to get to the bottom of what is really happening. Big ideas coupled with stamina and drive can help you achieve your targets if you choose your activities and projects wisely. This is a period of increased studying and learning, joining educational course, vocational training, and research and for master degree. A younger person even younger by a few days may be part of your love scenario. You receive message of love/ proposal for marriage dating and romancing. Artistic interests will draw your attention. You spend time in outing to natural surroundings, watching some romantic movies and grooming yourself.

lucky number 28
lucky day sunday
lucky colour pink

This is a time to be very cautious about your intake of liquor such as drugs or alcohol, because you may be tensed and self medicating, what you really need is to get to the bottom of what is bugging you. You need to take care of emotional matters, relationships with colleagues and boss which had given you tense moments in the past shall show definite improvements now and you must make the best use this time to repair and improve your relationships and in turn to find some good in the enhancement of your career. it’s important to remember that no relationship can stand up to constant dissection. Try to give your beloved some breathing space. If you are uncommitted, and longing for love, understand that the time may simply not yet be right for you.
Keeping your stress level manageable is a must in order to stay in good health now. Deal with any problems that come up physically, don’t try to avoid them. Conflict with a superior will allow you to change track. Try not to close all doors however unless you have another opportunity. You’ll be aware of how delicate this time is and will try to be calm; this will stop this phase becoming even more difficult. Self improvement projects will be successful and bring you added confidence. It’s possible that a relationship needs to be re-negotiated or is possibly no longer going to suit your needs. If you are in a committed relationship, you will need to take action to make sure that it makes it. Talk about how you are feeling, that’s your best hope.

lucky number 2
lucky colour white
lucky day Tuesday

This is a good time to improve your health. If you are facing particular health problems, need for you to find a partnership with a healer that you trust and that you can work well together with. – You are also likely to be keeping a positive attitude which is very important and supportive of good health. You may start a business, family business and carry on the family traditions ahead. You would like to prefer doing profession which your forefathers and father have been doing even after taking professional education in engineering or medical field. You feel happy being self employed than working for others. You may meet someone new through your work, or feel attraction to your working colleagues. This will grow at fast speed and may turn in emotional bonding, dating and understanding each other. If you’re already committed, be sure that your communication is as clear as it can be.

lucky number 17
lucky colour tan brown
lucky day wednesday

If you feel that something is amiss with your health, believe in your concerns and advocate for yourself. You may need to see a different health care practitioner. Trust yourself. If a procedure or test that is suggested to you doesn’t feel right, don’t feel that you have to go through with it. Be sure that you are supporting yourself as best you can with diet, exercise, nutrition and vitamins/minerals. On career front you miss a wonderful opportunity which has the potential to bring satisfying improvement in your status. Focus on your strengths, on what you do have and can do, not what you can’t do and don’t have. Keep in mind that a little effort goes a long way if you’re looking to improve your love life today. This is a good time to look hard at yourself as to whether you are being realistic with regards to love.
lucky number 27
lucky colour midnight blue
lucky day monday

Overall health seems to be fine this week. Do not stress too much on medications and try to take it light. You maybe thinking too much about something lately that has been bothering you since some time now. Give it time. Everything happens for a reason. Let this work out on its own. On the work front, things may not be that smooth this week. You may get scolded by your boss or even fired. It seems as if you have been lacking on your job or under performing hoping no one will notice. Always remember, these things don’t last too long. In terms of your love life, if you’re single, you will meet someone through a friend this week. You might even end up dating this person. Do not make the first move, try and keep your cool and play hard-to-get.
lucky number 15
lucky colour magenta
lucky day saturday

By Dr. Madhu Kotiya
Contact: 9873283331
website: http://www.indiatarot.com

Yearly Prediction for Year 2017


You have two or three friends with whom you work and play in joy and harmony. The time of stress that occurs this year is a time when these friends are of major support to you. The circumstances and events you experience in 2017 are bound to bring about significant change and growth for you on a spiritual level. Destiny has its gentle hand upon you and on this time

Career / Profession

There’s a distinct picture of restriction, stress and difficulty around your career this year, Aries. Yet, money comes your way, as it’s needed. You may have to give battle to maintain that income, due to some sort of misunderstanding. With the help of old friends and family you will win that battle and apart from having experienced the stress at that time, all will be well. Well, there’s certainly money there for you, Aries, and this comes after a period of extreme change in your work-life. It seems you’ll find a particularly deep friendship or partnership in connection to this income. You may need to negotiate around conflict as the month progresses and accept a bit of a sacrifice in order to maintain harmony in the longer term.

Love& Relationship
You will find you have reason this year to stand your ground and defend yourself in relation to interaction amongst loved ones. It would be easy for you to lose confidence around this situation, but I urge you to investigate the opinion of certain others and to allow for where you might have done better, but also to distinguish between that fault which belongs in your lap and that which clearly belongs in the lap of another. Do not take on blame that is not actually yours. Silence is golden in such situations, except where your boundaries are being breached.



Lucky number 27

Lucky day Monday

Lucky colour pink


Affirmation: I am at a healthy weight for my body. I am vibrant with energy and bursting with life in my new body. My confidence and radiant joy expands to everyone around me.





A chance taken in recent times proves to be a significant win for you, Taurus. News comes your way about this win and it certainly advances both your financial and emotional wellbeing. This opens the way for you to bring some of those excellent creative ideas into concrete reality. Action taken toward this end at this time is bound to be successful. You will make extra efforts this year to bring about improvements in your health and fitness regime. Be sure to get all your routine check-ups done.

Career / Profession
Recent discord within your career world causes you to choose to walk away from a lucrative avenue of work. You have lost joy in that arena and it is wise of you to follow your joy in this way. Victory is all around you thanks to this choice and any problems that cross your path as a result of this change will be swiftly and easily overcome. You might have to make a small sacrifice on the one hand in order to achieve inner peace on the other. Destiny is inducing good financial times for our Taureans. Money comes to you from unexpected areas and is simply given to you rather than earned by labour. There’s also money to come your way as a result of work done in the past, or maybe investments made, that blossom or mature in 2017. We see celebration and entertainment in your happy home. Redecorating or renovating is possible at this time.


Love& Relationship

The reason a young person is so adversarial and angry with you is that they are dealing with fear. They’re afraid and don’t understand why or what about. It would be worthwhile for the pair of you to get some sort of mediation or counselling. Although this will involve you in more work and time than you seem to have available, it will be well worth the sacrifice. Try to make efforts in your current relationship, it is easy to give up and it is more difficult to maintain a relationship but totally worth it.

Lucky number 7

Lucky day Friday

Lucky colour Blue


Affirmation: I am in control of my finances. Relief is flooding my mind as I know that abundance is manifest within me.



Oh Gem! You’re celebrating your new freedom and the joy it brings you. The hand of destiny has guided you through and is now nourishing your soul as you work in life, rather than starve it. You’ve certainly forged a victory over your innate fears and sense of self worth. You’ll find finances are just fine. Taking this chance puts you into a space of creative expression, which is where you belong. Your emotional and physical wealth are brimming with joy.

Career / Profession

It seems the issue arising in your above sector of romance and relationship is most pertinent to this, your career sector. You’ll feel nervous about making the shift advised above, but in doing so you’ll feel the very foundations of your life undergoing a great renewal and regeneration that will free you. Money and creative satisfaction is ahead for you as you concentrate on advancing one avenue of skill that brings you joy and deleting the avenue wherein lies stress and exploitation. Seek advice from a financial professional as to how best to redistribute your finances in order to make the best of your new professional intentions and the consequent financial changes involved. You’ll be under pressure about this shift, Gem, both at home and at work. But the peace of heart and the blooming of joy will easily overcome such opposition to your choices

Love& Relationship


You’re going to have to stand boldly for your rights this year as someone tries to manipulate you for their own ends. This is a time where it will be wise for you to choose to walk a whole new path, one that moves you away from the stress and rancour that is so out of synch with your spirit and your emotional wellbeing. There’s so much out there on this passage of change that will bring you joy! Even money becomes more manifest in this change.


Lucky number 9

Lucky day Tuesday

Lucky colour White


Affirmation: I recognize the abundance in my life and effortlessly save $XXX per month.




You may tilt towards negative self-concept this year. You may have damaging thoughts or situations that lead to you beating yourself up and feeling low and down. Look around for spiritual counselors and look upto them. Try to engage in activities that speak to your mind and soul. Listen to your heart this year and get out of your vicious circle.

Career / Profession
Your work has the flavour of foreign shores about it. Even though this avenue is rather burdensome for you, most probably due to lengthy travel and difficult hours, it’s your best bet for income at this time. It may not be your favourite style of work, but it is in the field you do crave to work. If an opportunity comes up this year of a longer journey for work than usual, take it. It will lead to a victory you hadn’t expected. Wisdom would have you keep striving on the path suggested in your above sector of career and take your chances in the field you enjoy and have a standard of excellence in. It’s all for your family and even though you are nervous about adequate income it will come to you. This is not a time of great prosperity, but it is an adequate amount you’ll be earning and it’s within your spirit’s scope of satisfaction.


Love& Relationship
Both your greatest joy and your greatest anxiety revolve around your family. It may be family of origin or family of construction, probably both, that holds your major focus this month. Your anxiety is around the financial demands upon you regarding family needs. The joy is in how your heart swells with joy when you see how rich your family life is. You will have to apply your wisdom this month toward defining your priorities as to just where you place your energies and resources.


Lucky number 15

Lucky day Wednesday

Lucky colour brown


Affirmation: I release my need for my current job and allow a more engaging and exciting position to enter my life.



Your straightforwardness and adaptability to any situation is heightened, making you a comfortable and eased person. You do manage to maintain emotional balance and harmony at this time when someone has put you in a difficult financial position. You’ve invested a great deal of patience and care around the financial disarray imposed upon you. The good news is that your investment in that good and kind behaviour will actually turn the situation around and entirely to your best interests. It may take a few months, but the outcome will, in time, be a matter for celebrating a financial victory.

Career / Profession

Now is a time for making judicious decisions about your career life. Currently you are very busy, but this is actually keeping you tired and distressed, rather than energised and happy. A rather earthy person will be of great help to you as you examine your situation and begin to build a new path for yourself. This is going to be more nourishing on all levels. With wisdom as your guide, you will be victorious in the change of direction. Initially it’s going to be your own labours that set you on an even financial keel in December. You’ll also do a bit of homework around that situation where you have been denied the financial security that is your right. This will bring about a situation where it is you who educates the person concerned as to how to manage their situation to mutual advantage.

Love& Relationship

You’re going to find yourself very disappointed with someone closely connected to your life. You will be strong in the face of a deception, which leaves you struggling financially this year. You will receive some finances promised, but not the main deal you’d struck. Persistence on your part and the willingness to do for yourself if necessary will forge a renewal, a regeneration of the better part of the person who’s manipulated you and you have suffered under. You will eventually get that which was promised you. Keep pushing.


Lucky number 3

Lucky day Monday

Lucky colour orange


Affirmation: I am proud of myself and my physical fitness accomplishments. The energy and vitality of life is alive in each cell of my body.





You feel your energy levels high but your mind wandering to places. You may feel indecisive at times with restlessness preceding your every decision. Expect to apply yourself to two, probably three different avenues of work for income. But before you act on this advice, you have to go into battle to retrieve money owed to you from your previous avenue of work. You will definitely win this battle, but there will be sorrow in that victory, mainly around disappointment that a person could attempt such a deception upon a fellow being

Career / Profession

All is not as it seems in your sector of career. You’re enjoying the freedom that a recent fulfilment of your wishes has provided, but you’ve also factored in that which you’ve been led to expect around your work. Just when you realise you’ve been let down or manipulated, you’ll also realise that destiny’s hand is active here and you’ll overcome the negativity and be led to a far better career path. So, victory on your part will be the outcome. Having walked away from an avenue of work that has lost all its attraction for you, wisdom will dictate that you take what you’ve learned on that path and re-invent your career, but in a different form. An offer of partnership will be well worth looking into, as it will bring about a much freer, self-directed opportunity for income, as well as creative regeneration

Love& Relationship

News comes your way at this time which indicates that the powers that be, whether government, immigration, church, or medical, have put something of a pall on your plans. A plan is postponed, or an expected meeting unable to take place. This touches on your emotional feeling of connection. Have patience Virgo, because with the help of a friend or partner, that which has been put on the back burner will come to the forefront again.



Lucky number 11

Lucky day Tuesday

Lucky colour black


Affirmation: I embrace the wisdom that makes up who I am. I allow it to develop and express through me.




As the year begins, you’re feeling quite contented: financially secure and creatively active. Then come some home truths that seem to upset that apple cart. You’ll be undertaking a new way to run certain relationships and although this will be unstable at first, in time the new path will be beneficial, as you leave some of those emotional sorrows behind.

Career / Profession

There’s a big change coming in your career sector, dear Libra. How that pans out for you depends on just where your career sits prior to 2017. If you’ve been a bit down and out, well, things will get much better. If you’ve been high rolling prior to 2017, you’ll likely take a bit of a setback. However it works for you, you won’t be left with inadequate funds. You will experience a financial victory this yearand it seems to be in association with a friend or partner. Terrific as this boon will feel, you still need to keep your head about you, because there could be a bit of a deceit in play around the delivery of that which is yours by right. You’ll be in the process of celebrating when even better financial news comes your way.


Love& Relationship

This is about people working together, be it on a relationship or a work situation without losing their individuality and in respectful harmony. Well Lib, you’re going to have to fight in order to attain such a pleasing outcome where a specific relationship is concerned. You will win, but you’re certainly going to have to be more flexible to make this work. Loneliness would be the price you’d pay if you don’t seriously study what that relationship needs.



Lucky number 2

Lucky day Friday

Lucky colour silver


Affirmation: I choose to love myself and be at peace with my life. I release all my destructive habits and hold close my spirit.




You can’t help but feel sad and depleted as you analyse difficulties in a close relationship, as well as events in your financial sector. The good news is that, with the help of a few friends who truly understand you, you will be victorious over all problems and come through to harmony across all sectors. Go for your routine health checkups as you might be missing on to something.

Career / Profession

As you choose to take time out to understand a relationship issue, you also are taking time out to rethink your career situation. All is actually well in your career, but the break affords you time to regenerate your creative energies. You will come back to the career arena wherein your wishes concerning your profession will soon come true. This will be to your greater good both emotionally and financially. Take great care where your finances are involved in any sort of partnership, because there’s someone, or even just some system that would take from you what is in justice yours. You will pull through to greater financial health, but it won’t be without a battle. Unsure as you might feel, you’ll once again find your wishes coming true.

Love& Relationship

There have been a few fights and squabbles in recent times around you, Scorpio. It seems this is due to a lack of understanding between Scorp and a specific other who perhaps holds the purse strings at this time. Information comes your way that encourages you to take a bit of time out from this difficult atmosphere, so you can meditate on the situation and decide what to do. Taking a chance will bring you to greater understanding and the wisdom whereby you can make a wise choice



Lucky number 18

Lucky day Friday

Lucky colour grey


Affirmation: I breathe easily and know that I can handle whatever comes into my life..





I see our Archer celebrating this year. It seems that your every move in every sector works like magic toward your betterment. Any negativity that arises needing your management will be swiftly and easily overcome. It may not be the easiest year, but it will become a joyous one. You will soon find happiness within and may even tilt towards self exploration and meditation.

Career / Profession

This is a time for taking stock of your career possibilities. Destiny has you working on a career avenue that engages your greatest skill; yet you wonder if you can carry the burden of continuing in your current employment and seriously working on adding that other string to your career bow as the primary career move. In partnership with another, you could easily turn the career stakes around to your greater advantage. This is a time for taking stock of your career possibilities. Destiny has you working on a career avenue that engages your greatest skill; yet you wonder if you can carry the burden of continuing in your current employment and seriously working on adding that other string to your career bow as the primary career move. In partnership with another, you could easily turn the career stakes around to your greater advantage.

Love& Relationship

Single people will likely meet someone new. You’re sitting strong and in a state of inner harmony while it seems those around you are going off like raging rockets. If they’re not depressed, they’re fighting. Extra money coming your way allows you to make a study of some sort that helps you maintain your own inner peace while the storm rages. You need a break from this environment. Take a holiday and let those who have the problems solve their own issues.


Lucky number 21

Lucky day Wednesday

Lucky colour golden


Affirmation: I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.




Healthy mind would also comfort your body. Give it some thought. Take the time to feed your spirit. Believe it or not, your health life will benefit as a result. Drink plenty of water, juices to avoid dehydration. After a recent internal battle around exactly what you believe is your spiritual understanding, you come through to enjoying a fine spiritual harvest. But just as you feel at peace with your understandings, something occurs that has you walking away from your old, tried and true beliefs, as you take on new and quite alternative understandings. Your hopes for greater clarity will come true, but remember, it’s the journey that matters here, not the destination.

Career / Profession

You’re sitting pretty where your career is concerned, Capricorn. There have been difficulties in the recent past, but it seems that’s all sorted and you’re feeling secure and contented. Yet, news comes your way of a hiccup where wages are concerned. You’ll have to deal with that as soon as you realise it. You will win, even if the battle takes a bit out of you.  Recent depletion of your finances will slowly but surely rebuild back to previous solidity. There’s something to do with foreign climes that might upset the financial applecart again, but if you stand your ground and insist on ethical dealings, your wishes over financial circumstances will be granted, with more than you’d even expected.


Love& Relationship

Well Cap, you seem to be quite emotionally topsy-turvy this year. One moment you’re all contentment and joy and the next it’s as if you’ve never been happy or emotionally well-partnered. You’ve got some emotional sorting to do. Distinguish the emotions that are purely self-engendered, from those which are imposed on you by another. If you will but own up to what is simply your mood and know what is being imposed upon you, then you’ll have a clear idea as to whether you’re in the right relationships.

Lucky number 30

Lucky day Friday

Lucky colour bright yellow


Affirmation: As I breathe in and out, I know that the undercurrent of life is calm. I can express peace and harmony at any time I choose.




This year sees you walk away from something or someone that has meant a great deal to you for some while. Actually, when the scales fall from your eyes around the facts concerning the situation, you’ll end up feeling that you’ve had a lucky escape from a proverbial bullet. Everything looks up from here. You need a counselor, a healer who could dispel your ignorance. Spiritualism, meditation and other Yogic practices could be very helpful making you a balanced person.

Career / Profession

The hand of destiny is upon this sector for Aquarius. Although you’ve been quite happy with your home situation, it’s time to begin putting the foundations into a regeneration and renewal of that career of yours. You will come up with some fine ideas and you’ll also be inundated with interesting offers. It’s your rather excellent business mind that will be applied to choosing your actions. It’s all good.

You receive news this year that a battle you’ve waged for money owed has been won. This brings you greater peace of mind and heart. You’ll feel a fancy to get deep into nature and you’ll likely not be alone as you enjoy the break that this good news has allowed you to take. We see a very contented Aquarius over this period of time.


Love& Relationship

Your support and cooperating nature to your loved ones will get you a new title which could be lifting your spirit forever. So, you win a victory around an emotional or romantic situation. But is that win all you’d hoped it might be? Somehow you’re more alone once you’ve won your victory than you were prior to such a win. In fact you end up in a state of exhaustion and stress as a result of getting what you want. A richer emotional harvest is available to you, once you face a less-than-welcome reality.


Lucky number 14

Lucky day Tuesday

Lucky colour brick red


Affirmation: I enjoy the freedom and adventure of travel. My horizons are broadened and my experiences are enriched by visiting some place new.




You are likely to be feeling a great deal of spiritual peace and happiness. Your self-esteem is possibly higher than it has ever been, which a very good thing is. You are likely to become quite distressed by the challenges you experience concerning your income. It will be a disappointment that the person or persons concerned can be so uncooperative. Do try to minimize your reactivity to the negativity. It only serves to lodge distress into a bodily reaction when you hold back your truths and allow ill behaviour in another to enter your space.

Career / Profession

Your career, on which your income is dependent, is satisfactory as the month begins. What will become clear this year is the instability of that income. You keep faith with the consistent work you do, but that income source is not as reliable and consistent. Whilst maintaining your gentle persuasive requests, you will find it possible to set up a deal that will give you the regularity of income you need in order to continue to do your job well. This sector pertains particularly to events in your above sector of career. You have a financial win ahead this month. There will be some difficulty with someone whose cooperation your finances depend on. They will bend to your persuasions and stabilize the process of payments to you. You will investigate ways of engaging income apart from this avenue and will be victorious in all endeavours.

Love& Relationship

After quite a long period of feeling rather alone, you’ll be enjoying warmth, love and harmony in both hearth and home. Share your good fortune by entertaining at home. Yet, later in the month you’ll have to deal with a negative attempt to manipulate and deceive you. If you have even the slightest doubt about a plan or idea, don’t agree to it. Stand strong and listen to your deeper intuition, no matter how forceful an opponent may get.


Lucky number 20

Lucky colour bottle green

Lucky day Saturday


Affirmation: I freely give my love and support to others. I am grateful for what I have and I share.


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Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot reader & Mentor, Spiritual & Psychic Healer





Goddesses live in every woman. 

But how can you, a real woman

living in a modern world

overflowing with pressure and demands,

ever manage to get in touch with your inner goddess?

Invoke the presence of the goddesses each and every day!

Not only will your life become more centered,

but you will soon become the goddess that you’ve always wanted to be.

Go, goddess . . . Grow!

Developing Your Goddess Potential

Activating your inner goddess can be as simple as
setting aside a little time for yourself…time to think, take a
leisurely soak in the tub, or a stroll through the park.
What matters most is that you invoke your goddess by
honoring your self, by accepting and meeting your own needs.


                                              Activating The Goddesses Within

Being a woman is a delicate and tricky balancing act. Navigating the many roles and transitions we face is not an easy task, especially as we strive for the authenticity of remaining true to our essential character, our personal
goddess types.

All the goddesses are present as potentials in the psyches of every woman.  Your personal goddess type expresses your preferred or dominant way of functioning in the world . . . the one that is most natural or comfortable for you to use in your daily life.

Most of us call upon some of the other goddesses as well, usually only in special situations and, therefore, less frequently.  Though when a goddess archetype is seldom used, it may remain underdeveloped.  Then  the archetype may function less satisfactorily than we would like, leaving us feeling “off-center” and somewhat stressed.


There is usually one goddess in our personality that is actually rejected or disowned.  When this goddesses makes her presence felt we are uncomfortable and find the experience stressful.  This “forgotten” goddess (referred to as the “shadow” in Jungian psychology) rarely appears in our consciousness, often showing up only in our dreams. 

The saying “We are what we do” (or think) best expresses how a goddess can be activated (energized or developed). By consciously focusing our thoughts or actions on the mental images of a specific goddess, we invite her to be present. The activated goddess brings her own particular strengths into our personal repertoire, enabling us to be more flexible and adaptable in response to life’s varied and unpredictable demands.


No matter what activity you’re engaged in you can make it a goddess moment. Be mindful of the goddess who stands in the shadows, appreciating your endeavor because it was once her own.


Seeking the energies of a goddess type
is a powerful way to strengthen and
honor the goddess in you.


Full Moon 22/2-Intense Energy Report


The energy is very intense today!

From the past one month, all of us have been undergoing DNA upgrades. Most of us maybe feeling exhausted, anxious and overwhelmed. Your body will act as if you have just run a marathon.

When we go through DNA upgrades, all that is held in our cells that no longer serves must be purged. This releasing will be felt in our dream time and/or in our waking moments. Many of us a cleaning up old contracts and past life emotions that have been held in our cellular body.

Cord cutting will be very important over the next week. You want to cut all cords, contracts and agreements that no longer serve that go through your past, present, and future. Call AA Michael to assist with this, he is always happy to help.


*Make sure to take time out for yourself.

*Get plenty of water, electrolytes, and potassium.

*Use coconut oil and avacado to avoid bloating!

*Vitamin D either naturally from the sun or in liquid form will help ease this transition.

*Salt baths will help as well to keep the body hydrated.

*It is important to listen to your urges, if you need to sleep, sleep. If you feel the need to write, write. If you feel anxious, trapped and cabin feverish – get outside

*Write all that needs to be released and let go on a piece of paper and burn it tonight when the full moon rises.

Nature has a way of balancing our energies and giving us what we need, we just have to listen.

30 Affirmations to Attract Your Soulmate this Valentine’s!



Here are 30 positive affirmations to help you attract your soul mate.

As with all other law of attraction efforts, attracting your soul mate depends largely on what you believe and how you think. If you constantly think negatively and don’t truly believe you deserve to find that special someone you are meant to be with, then it is far less likely to happen. Not only does this negativity manifest itself into reality, but the negativity is picked up on by others and they will be subconsciously repelled by the energy.

The key is to not only change your deep seated beliefs about yourself, but also to radiate a positive and inviting energy that naturally draws others to you. These positive affirmations to help you attract your soul mate will help you with both of these things.

If you sincerely apply these affirmations they will give you a massive head start in acquiring the necessary mindset needed to attract the 1 person you are destined to spend your life with – your soul mate! In a short time you will find yourself naturally radiating a positive and loving energy that effortlessly attracts people to you, you will believe deeply that you and your soul mate will be together soon, and this will manifest itself into reality.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am attracting my soul mate
I believe deeply that I will attract my soul mate
My soul mate is strongly attracted to me
My mind is totally focused on attracting my soul mate
I am already connected deeply to my soul mate
I always radiate a loving and inviting energy
Others are drawn to me because of my positive energy
I deserve to find my soul mate
My soul mate and I are destined to be together
There is an unbreakable bond between my soul mate and I


Future Tense Affirmations
My soul mate and I will be together
I will find my soul mate and we will live happily ever after
I am attracting my soul mate more with each day
I will attract my soul mate
A positive loving energy is growing between myself and my soul mate
I am beginning to feel deeply that I will meet my soul mate soon
Each day the energy between my soul mate and I grows stronger
I believe more each day that I will find my perfect partner
My soul mate is beginning to sense our connection
I will know my soul mate the instant we meet


Natural Affirmations
I believe in my ability to attract my soul mate
I find it easy to give off positive and loving energy to others