Tarot Reading : April 2017 as per Zodiac Signs

You could feel a slight reduction in stress and strain. Things may not be perfect, but they are going to be better than they may have been in the recent past. You feel at ease with your BP, stomach related problems. Take this time to get your head above water and decide where you’re going from here. Even a short break or change of place will be helpful. Spending time near the sea/river or just poolside will rejuvenate you. Cooperation and a focus on harmony and understanding will benefit you otherwise some challenges have to be faced on career front in this month. You need to put your hundred percent to get the work done. Things are not smooth as they seemed to be. Your thrust and perseverance will win you the situation this is definite.
Improve your love life considerably this april. Take time out for your partner/spouse; spend evenings with close friends and family. The situation may turn around otherwise. Spend some time together and all the doubts and misunderstandings should be cleared by now. You plan not to give up.


Overall health seems to be good. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take good sleep and eat right. If you are waiting on test results of some kind, they are likely to be very good results. Don’t worry. Just maintain a fitness regime and follow it rigorously this month. Consult a doctor for your satisfaction if something is bothering you.The uncertainty, and confusions might be faced on career front. If you are expecting promotion and any kind of favor on job front, the application, report or written document might get displaced and the results are withheld. You need time and space to analyze your relationship area. Something may be troubling you with regard to your relationship. Don’t ignore your gut feelings. If you feel that something in your relationship is unhealthy, you are very likely quite correct. If you suspect that something is going on behind your back, your best bet is to ask your partner about it. Have faith or have the courage to confront on the face. This will only solve your doubts and problems.

This should be a fabulous time, health wise. You’ll be calm, and inspired. Take good care of yourself. You are so in touch with your spirituality now that this is a great time for you to reach out to others, and to share your wisdom and your joy. Your efforts in doing so will be repaid many times over.
There will be a travel which will prove fruitful in every sense. A prestigious project brings out your creative potential. People will admire you and acknowledge your potentials. Your name could be recommended for the higher post. You are in the good list of your seniors. Those are in business will find financial security. You feel happy as reunion with a lost may happen in this month. If you are single, the most likely interpretation is that you will meet a likely loving soon – someone who is really of your choice and you are looking for, and that this person will be a new love, not someone you used to be with.

Health remains good, if you lead a balanced and disciplined life. Those are suffering with serious ailments; they need to be under constant observation of the specialist. A lot of money could be spent on medicines and other health enhancing products. But you will be able to bring physical balance and emotional stability in your life this month. You make professional commitments with sincerity and honor. Career zooms and you feel elated, flabbergasted on some issues, you feel proud of your success and achievements. Relationships with friends, seniors, and colleagues will prosper. Your projects or endeavors will reach completion. Stars favor you in managing your most difficult relation in this month. The situation is under your control now. You could find the ways to prove your points to your loved one and will able to convince him/her. There will be intense and cherish able moments with the loved one. Those who are looking for a suitable partner coming in their life, be assured that this is the right time. Marriage, engagement, birth of child or new romance is on the cards.

You gift yourself the knack of responding totally to whatever comes, and as it comes in life!!! You are going to enjoy this month. There is happiness in abundance in all areas of life that bring charm on your face. You bloom with the spring and spread smile wherever you go. People around you are impressed and feel motivated elated in your company. Your creative and fertile imagination could give you immense popularity in this period.
You feel secure& comfortable on job front. Efforts done in the past will pay you rich dividends now. If you have appeared in the interview, you are getting a job call by this month. Those who want to switch their job; it is the time when they could fulfill their ambitions. Some monetary gains are on the cards.
Relations will be complicated, accusation, misunderstandings between the married couples could make the life uncomfortable. There may be issues like divorce, litigations and separations. If you want to save your relations, if you are suspecting something is going on behind your back its better to ask your partner about it.

You may be trying to take care of everyone else’s needs without allowing yourself the time and space that you need in order to function well. Remember that loving yourself is an important part of loving the other people which are important to you. No matter how busy you are, you can find the time to focus on yourself, even if only for three minutes a day. And you must do so in order to be truly effective and loving and healthy. You are at a crossroads – one with only two options i.e. in or out, up or down, yes or no. And this will make you tensed up and say things which you regret later. Be gentle and good to others. Follow the rules& regulations of the organization you are working with. It would be again in your favor if you learn to manage your finances. If you are looking for a soul mate or true love entering into your life, you should wait for the right time. Romance and matters of heart are not being reciprocated the way you want to be by the one you feel attracted or stimulated.


This will be great period. You enrich your life and those around you by sharing your wisdom. It also can mean celebration your own or someone that you care about – such as the celebration around a new baby, wedding, or other happy occasion. In general, things should be going well. You can look forward to at fast recovery from the ailment you have been suffering. Some unexpected may happen on your career front, You may be stuck waiting on a decision that has to be made by other people. Try to be patient and refrain from pushing people to move before they are ready. If you have done your homework, things are likely to work out in your favor. Make sure you have done what you are supposed to do work wise, and if you haven’t, figure out how to explain and/or make amends, as you are likely to be called to account. Shift your focus from business& work. Now is the time to have a very positive outlook about a relationship.


You are sensitive, emotional and temperamental in this month. Take care of your mood swings, which is very likely going to cause harm to your health. Positive mindset could help you to overcome most of the tough patches easily and without damaging your physical and mental well being. Scorpion ladies would feel free from gynaic problems this month, healing rejuvenation and a fresh start is on the card. You may have to make some sacrifices to deal with financial challenges. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you need it. You don’t have to struggle or suffer alone, although there is a possibility that you’ll be dealing with an involuntary loss of income as your job may be cut back, your stocks may lose money etc. Count your blessings and feel contented with what you have. Anything else that comes to you is a bonus. Now is the time to start fresh to spend time with family and friends. Your true soul mate is already in your life or will be soon.

Imbalanced life style may cause mental tension. Anxiety needs to be avoided as stress can lead to health problems. Balance and moderation is the key for keep. Check on your eating/sleeping/and working schedule. Look at where you might be out of balance and then remedy this. Moderation is definitely the way to good health right now.Things are going to be going well. You are likely to be feeling charged up, ready for action. Good news is likely to be headed your way soon. Work projects are likely to move ahead in a positive way, sooner than you’re expecting.
You are likely to find yourself feeling freer than you have in a while – maybe years. This is a great time to take a vacation and to experience different things. Vitality, freedom, joy, and self-expression is on the cards. Emotions and sentiments are high and you feel romantic by heart. If you are looking for love, someone who is very balanced and loving headed your way soon. Birth of child, marriage, engagement like ceremony take place at home.

You have been distracting from important priorities at this time, it is important for you to keep your eyes on well balanced life style. Set resolutions in terms of your health and follow them rigorously, planned diet, exercise, adequate rest and spirituality all should being taken care off. Make a point to get off the beaten path and try new things to create your own energy and enthusiasm. This is a very lucky month for making plans or decisions and finding your ways as whatever you do on financial front is going to be beneficial. All in all things will be looking up professionally. You may get promotion or honored for your accomplishments. This is the right time to buy property too. It is your grace and diplomacy that take you to high places and to important people. If you aren’t interested in a relationship with someone who clearly wants one with you, the kindest thing you can possibly do is to let them know that you just aren’t interested. Those committed a brief vacation with the partner will be rejuvenating.


You are definitely entering a new phase of extroversion and feel cool at ease in this month. You feel healing and rejuvenating energy around you. Live in the moment and seize the days. You will be all but radiating very good energy and good attitudes. Positive thought is important and should come fairly easily to you now. You feel creative, original, and free from restrictions imposed by ideas and strictures. In the office don’t expect the entire system to be changed just because you believe it should be different. You may need a mentor of some sort who can guide you. This is a good time to get involved with groups as you will find that you have much to learn from them in a very positive way. Things are on fast track and motivate you to take quick decisions. Travel abroad or long distance is indicated. Probably you are feeling ready for a commitment that doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. Distract yourself if necessary and your beloved may be back to you before you know it, offering the love you’d been hoping for, on a silver platter.

All seems well. Problems of the past are solved and you’re feeling contented with life and secure in the current position that you’ve learned to manage so well. Unfortunately a jealous person will re-enter your life, trying to throw new problems across your path. That which you have been assured of will seem to change by the day. You will stabilise again, but don’t expect this person to give up. You’ll find yourself walking away from a work situation that is no longer appealing to you. The trouble may not be so much with the work itself, but rather certain people within the work environment. This has left you rather restricted on a number of levels and you’re likely to withdraw into yourself to some degree. The better news is that, as the month draws to an end, your heart will be full of joy and career-enthusiasm again. There’s sorrow in your heart as a result of the difficulties a certain other person has put you through. If you are single, you will meet someone very soon. If you’re commited, take out time this month for your loved one.


WEEKLY TAROT READING- 3rd-10th August 2015




Welcome the start of the week! Ace of cups represents new beginnings and fresh starts.

It is the burst of emotion, that great happy feeling that we do something new!

We’re off to a great start! We should be ready to open our hearts to people, to ourselves and to situations around us.

The Ace of Cups also represents any friendship beginning or any relationship. It could be the start of a new relationship with yourself. It could also represent a start of something new that gives you a great emotional feeling, satisfaction, happiness.

It talks about turning over a new leaf. Let go of your past, put yourself out there and embrace the new energy of Ace of Cups!



Queen of Wands is a very fiery personality and she represents an Aries, Sagittarius or a Leo person so this could represent you or someone significant around you in the middle week. She’s all about courage, confidence, willpower. She represents creativity, passion. She’s a go-getter. She would never allow anyone to stand in her way. She is a leader as well.

If you’re trying to get something done or you need to believe in yourself, the Queen of Wands is encouraging you to take on her personality and get it done! Focus on your strengths or what you like about yourself. If you believe in yourself then other people believe in you too.



Wow! This is turning out to be a great week! The Sun is a beautiful card to look at and very positive! Connecting all three cards, I feel the week is all about Self-Belief and strengthening our relationship we have with ourselves. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to do things a bit differently.

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How Tarot can help all of us

There is a lot of misunderstanding in people about tarot as most of them it just a future telling tool. Its not even half truth. Future telling is just a small part of all uses of tarot cards. This pack of 78 cards can reveal so many hidden things within you. It can actually connect to your own sub-conscious mind and make you accept and understand your own reality and the hidden capabilities you always had but never realized.

Let me try to list out some of the uses of Tarot one by one:

  • Tarot cards can help you explore your own personality and your inner self
  • Tarot cards can guide you and help you in your personal and professional growth.
  • Tarot cards will help you in choosing the right thing between many choices you have and many time it will also help you to see what all choices you have.
  • Tarot cards can be used as a tool for meditation and rituals.
  • Tarot cards can give you clear picture of your past deeds, present situations and future possibilities.
  • Tarot cards can be used to enhance your own intuition
  • Tarot cards can help you receive messages from your ancestors, your angels and spirit guides and can help you connect with the higher self.
  • Tarot cards can help you understand your dreams.
  • Tarot cards can help you read about your friends and acquaintances to know how good or bad they are for you.

In short tarot cards can help you to become a better person by understanding and enhancing your skills to understand this life. They also teach us to live in balance, no matter what so happen around us , as the first requirement to be a good tarot reader is to be balanced and unbiased. Learning tarot cards can actually give u best friend in your bag who will always give you the right and unbiased advice.

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Monthly Predictions by Dr. Madhu Kotiya, published in Ravishing Magazine

Monthly Predictions  by Dr. Madhu Kotiya, published in Ravishing Magazine



Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Life coach, Angel therapist, Past life regression therapist, Crystal therapy , Mentor in tarot classes and other occult science and paranormal subjects like white magick , healing spell casting , candle magick , wiccan healings , wiccan rituals.


Ph: 9873283331

email: madhu@indiatarot.com

Learn to read Tarot Cards for Self, friends & Family

Learn Tarot Card Reading

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– Structure of Tarot Deck

– Introduction to Major Arcana and Minor Arcana

– Meaning of 78 Tarot Cards

– Visualization Techniques

– How to Meditate with Tarot Cards

– Rituals and Meditations to enhance your intuition

– Learning to read with the tarot cards

– Basic Spreads ( 3 card spread, 7 Card Spreads, Celtic Cross)

– Learning to read for yourself, your friends and Family.

– How to frame a question

– How to make a story

– practical readings with clients

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Just let go of , what is not serving you good

Don’t give up on circumstances which you could not handle, life is beautiful. Just let go of , what is not serving you good. You deserve happiness and let all which distracts you from your happiness, go away from you.

Sometimes we find it difficult to let go of things or people from our mind who have already gone from our physical life. We keep on thinking about them all the time and keep looking for answers of all whys in our mind only. There are many chances that you also start blaming yourself for whatever has happened and slowly fall towards depression, anxiety, stress and what not.

You need to understand one thing that there are 2 parts of all break ups, whether it was your friend , partner or any other relative. One part is your side which you can see and also evaluate very well and there is the other part which belongs to the other person in this relationship and that side you can never understand and evaluate till the other person explains to you. So you need to stop thinking about the other side of story.

“STOP THINKING”  isn’t that easy as saying it, but it’s not even impossible to imply. What you need to learn is to train your mind for stopping. You can make a command for your mind for all the times when you fall back to the thought of the other person and that command should make you stop thinking. You may say strongly to your mind “NO” or “STOP” or “DEVIATE” or whatever makes sense to you to switch your mind from that person’s thought, to some other topic or thought.

Start training your mind today and you will see with a practice of good 15-20 days , these thought will stop haunting you and situation will quite change in your mind.

It’s not always necessary to know the reason, why something happened. Sometimes , something’s do not have any logical answer which can relax your mind or heart but then we need to understand that life doesn’t stops and it keeps going on so how can we stop at one hurt and refuse to move forward.

Time is the best healer of all the hurts. For what you are crying today, after 2-3 years you will laugh while thinking that all this happened and how you reacted about that.

Know your power to overcome anything which wasn’t right in your life.

* If you are facing such problem and need help, you can look for some energy healer, spiritual healer or a counsellor for help. Having a spiritual life coach is even better option for such people who are overly sensitive towards their surroundings.


Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Life coach, Angel therapist, Past life regression therapist, Crystal therapy , Mentor in tarot classes and other occult science and paranormal subjects like white magick , healing spell casting , candle magick , wiccan healings , wiccan rituals.


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