Vaastu Guidance for your Workplace


The Ancient science of construction that’s Vastu Shastra doesn’t simply apply to a home. an area of business ought to even be in tune with the 5 parts of ether, air, fire, water and earth so management and workers add harmony to attain success. The administrator of the workplace should occupy the south-west quadrant and will face north whereas sitting at his table.

The flooring within the space ought to be 7cm to 15cm over the remainder of the workplace. His or her table ought to be within the extreme south-west corner of the space, and it’d be auspicious if the door to the space were within the north-east quadrant. The managing direction of the workplace ought to occupy the sou’-west quadrant and face north.

The person in command, sort of a top dog or manager, ought to occupy the south and west quadrants. He or she should sit facing north whereas occupying a southern space and will face east in an exceedingly western room. All alternative employees ought to sit facing east. The finance manager ought to sit within the north quadrant facing north or east, as this can yield increased money results.

Tables or counters ought to be designed in such the simplest way that sales folks face either east or north and also the customers face west or south. The staff ought to occupy the north-west quadrant.

The administration and human resources departments ought to be within the east. If the workplace encompasses a prayer space, it should be set within the north-east and will be unbroken clean and free from weight. Showcases, racks and cabinets ought to be against western and southern walls.

The reception ought to be placed within the north-west and also the device or dispenser should be placed in the north-east corner. If the workplace encompasses a stowage, it’s extremely counseled or not it’s placed within the south-east quadrant. There should be no bogs or stowage within the north-east and south-west corners.

Folks in decision-making positions ought to avoid sitting underneath a beam as they’ll notice it tough to form the correct selections. Such beams are often hid by false ceilings. the middle of the workplace ought to be unbroken empty. The reception ought to be within the north-west. each a house and workplace ought to be harmonious to fancy most peace, joy, prosperity, happiness, health and cloud nine. Work areas ought to be in harmony the maximum amount as attainable as a result of many of us pay the prime hours of the day at work. though the area doesn’t belong to you, you pay a lot of time in it; neither is it merely a “temporary” area. dashing through work and not respecting the atmosphere will cause tension and hostility to the individual.

A Vastu Shastra-friendly workplace will facilitate foster a powerful harmonious relationship between the denizen and his or her colleagues that the area ought to be treated with respect. The form of the plot wherever the workplace is found ought to be sq. or rectangular, if attainable. Buildings, too, ought to be identical as “cuts” and “voids” will distort the flow of positive energy.

A plot wherever the front is wider than the rear can attract additional customers. however even before selecting the plot or building, it’s important to require into consideration the environment. Avoid buildings at T-junctions and shut to graveyards and temples. Taller buildings or flyovers mustn’t overshadow the property.

A smaller building between 2 larger buildings is taken into account inauspicious, because the denizen can perpetually feel suppressed. The building ought to be of equal height the least bit directions. ne’er select a store with the doorway within the south-west, because it can invite hassle and money issues. like a house, the most entrance of the business area mustn’t be thrombosed by transmission line poles, trees or tall structures.

The reception area-which is vital because it provides the client with the primary impression of the business-should be set within the north-east. The employees manning the counter ought to face the entry. alternative favorable locations are east and north.

Waiting areas for patrons ought to be within the north-west Ideally, the reception space ought to be all-time low and it’d be encouraging if a client needs to take 3 steps to the business or show area. The room ought to be set within the east or west. The boss ought to occupy the biggest space within the south-west, and in ought to be removed from the most entrance. Mid-management and executives ought to occupy rooms (or cubicles) within the south or west.

Take away all clutters in associate degree workplace because it obstructs refined energy flow. The bourgeois ought to be placed within the north, staff within the north-west, and technical employees within the south-east. These locations are necessary for the employees as a result of they’re associated with health and also the state of mind. A wrong location may end up in employees feeling tired, inhibited within the exchange of ideas and restless. Unfavorable directions are south and south-west, that invite diseases and ill health. The workplace ought to be properly lit and have adequate ventilation. Natural light-weight is vital as a result of long exposure to fluorescent lighting will damage the natural balance of the anatomy.

Hope these suggestions will help you make your work more successful and balanced.


Madhu Kotiya

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10 Ways to keep your Aura Strengthened and intact

We talked about understanding if our aura is weak , last week. Today we will learn and see the ways we can keep our aura strong.
1. Breath deeply, do pranayam, this will energize your mind, body and soul, and will also repair and strengthen your aura.
2. Spend time with nature, go to parks for walk. This is good for your physical body too, also with your aura and energy field.
3. Use sea salts for bathing and dipping your feet in water every day. This will help you wash away negativity from your aura and cleanse your energy fields by grounding all excess energy which is not useful for you.
4. Stay away from electromagnetic fields. Switch off your TV from power button, keep your mobile phones away from your aura
5. Try not to do cribbing or cursing anybody, this makes your aura weak as you are first creating negative energy within yourself and then extending it out, so first this energy will certainly harm you before it effects anybody else.
6. Try to see positive side of all situations, change your attitude towards life. Your attitude can make difficult situation easy going for your and this will also improve your aura.
7. Find things which makes you happy, happiness is the key of good aura and good health.
8. Spend time alone with yourself and meditate, this will make your energy fields strong.
9. Avoid shouting and being angry, this majorly makes your aura weak.
10. Learn to let go. Understand whatever is not coming to you is not meant for you, so let it go and vacate the place for the right things to come.

by Dr. Madhu Kotiya
Mind, Body & Soul Doctor

Learn Candle Magick / White Magick

A Workshop on Learning Candle Magick / White Magick


This is a One Day workshop on Candle Magick:
– What is Magick
– Difference between Magic & Magick
– Similarities/ Difference between Magick and Spirituality
– Color & Zodiac Significance of Candle

– Different types and shapes of Candles.
– How to use Candles for Magick.
– Visualization Techniques.
– Protection Techniques.
– Right way of Chanting/ making your own chants
– Making an Intention and manifesting the same.
– Precautions to be taken
– Spell Casting
– Create your Own Spells
there will be more to be discussed in the workshop apart from this syllabus.

You will require candles in different colors and some incense oils, which is available on many candle feng shui shops in Delhi (the same can also be arranged by the organiser if informed before the workshop). This workshop can only be joined by the invitation of Organiser, so in case u r interested attending this workshop, please get in touch with me at 9873283331 or,

The fee for this workshop is Rs.7500/- , this includes printed notes, stationery, lunch, tea/refreshments, candles and crystals for protection.



Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Life coach, Angel therapist, Past life regression therapist, Crystal therapy , Mentor in tarot classes and other occult science and paranormal subjects like white magick , healing spell casting , candle magick , wiccan healings , wiccan rituals.

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Connecting with Angels and Archangel

All of us are surrounded by loving and powerful angels who want to assist us in every area of our life. Our prayers for heavenly assistance are being heard and it is now time for us to accept the responsibility to heal ourselves, our lives, and our world.

The love, joy and peace of our higher self have been concealed by the experiences of this world that have hurt and drained us emotionally and spiritually. Integrating angelic processes alone or with Reiki, can help return us to our natural state of being. In addition to guided meditation, prayer and candle ceremony, some other processes such as Etheric Cord Cutting and White Light Clearing can have such a profound affect that some may feel an immediate increase in energy and peacefulness. As a result, we find that life becomes more fulfilling when we actually feel the love, joy and inner peace that is our true nature.

Through the guidance and energy of Angels, Guides, and the Archangels, healing vibrations are increased. This energy stream helps to release old patterns and heal emotional wounds of the past. Purity, love, and light replace these patterns and allow us to fully “live” our journey.

angel therapy


Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Life coach, Angel therapist, Past life regression therapist, Crystal therapy , Mentor in tarot classes and other occult science and paranormal subjects like white magick , healing spell casting , candle magick , wiccan healings , wiccan rituals.

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Just let go of , what is not serving you good

Don’t give up on circumstances which you could not handle, life is beautiful. Just let go of , what is not serving you good. You deserve happiness and let all which distracts you from your happiness, go away from you.

Sometimes we find it difficult to let go of things or people from our mind who have already gone from our physical life. We keep on thinking about them all the time and keep looking for answers of all whys in our mind only. There are many chances that you also start blaming yourself for whatever has happened and slowly fall towards depression, anxiety, stress and what not.

You need to understand one thing that there are 2 parts of all break ups, whether it was your friend , partner or any other relative. One part is your side which you can see and also evaluate very well and there is the other part which belongs to the other person in this relationship and that side you can never understand and evaluate till the other person explains to you. So you need to stop thinking about the other side of story.

“STOP THINKING”  isn’t that easy as saying it, but it’s not even impossible to imply. What you need to learn is to train your mind for stopping. You can make a command for your mind for all the times when you fall back to the thought of the other person and that command should make you stop thinking. You may say strongly to your mind “NO” or “STOP” or “DEVIATE” or whatever makes sense to you to switch your mind from that person’s thought, to some other topic or thought.

Start training your mind today and you will see with a practice of good 15-20 days , these thought will stop haunting you and situation will quite change in your mind.

It’s not always necessary to know the reason, why something happened. Sometimes , something’s do not have any logical answer which can relax your mind or heart but then we need to understand that life doesn’t stops and it keeps going on so how can we stop at one hurt and refuse to move forward.

Time is the best healer of all the hurts. For what you are crying today, after 2-3 years you will laugh while thinking that all this happened and how you reacted about that.

Know your power to overcome anything which wasn’t right in your life.

* If you are facing such problem and need help, you can look for some energy healer, spiritual healer or a counsellor for help. Having a spiritual life coach is even better option for such people who are overly sensitive towards their surroundings.


Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Life coach, Angel therapist, Past life regression therapist, Crystal therapy , Mentor in tarot classes and other occult science and paranormal subjects like white magick , healing spell casting , candle magick , wiccan healings , wiccan rituals.

Ph: 9873283331