Tarot Reading for March 2015 as per Zodiac Signs

March 2015 tarot readings


Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot Card Reader and Spiritual Healer

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Your body is in perfect shape and health.  Enjoy this month filled with full of vitality and energy.  You need to create a balance in your work area as things are going haywire.  Please don’t take any haste decisions a very thoughtful plan of action is required to put things back in perspective. You need to work on your relationship, invest time and take interest if ou really want your relationship to work or else it will suffer


If you are having some issues with your health, please consult your doctor immediately. Don’t be careless towards any sign of concern and listen to your body.  In your work area, you need to start working intelligently rather than working hardly.  Use your intellect and experience to plan things properly.  Any hasty decision will lead towards loss. Don’t invest anywhere this month. Marriage is on the cards.  You may also meet the right partner this month.


You have taken good care of your health and now is the time to enjoy the benefits of a healthy body. You will be full of energy this  month. If you are not happy with your current job it is advised to hold on for a while before taking any decision. Any new thing may not work for you this month.  You may meet someone and feel attracted. Don’t jump into any decision as it may be the wrong decision.


If you are facing any health issues for long, it is advised to consult another Doctor or try another alternate therapy.  Don’t neglect your health issue.  In your work area, things seem to be stagnated as you don’t see any rise in your career graph.  You may feel stuck and want to look for a change.  However, this is not the right time, so please stick to your current job right now and wait for a while.  You may have come out of a relationship and is feeling low.  Take a short break and spend sometime with yourself


You may require support of your family members as far as your health is concerned. Avoid eating out and take good care of yourself.  In your career, you will receive good news this month. You may receive unexpected promotion or profit. Follow your heart and go with the flow.  There’s a new beginning in the relationships that’s showing in your cards


You will be enthusiastic towards your health this month and may join a new health regime which will make you feel full of energy. There can be a setback related to your work. You are advised to remain balanced as things will be better towards the end of the month.  Marriage is on the cards. You may also get hooked to someone introduced by your family.


Your health is getting better and this month you might be interested in taking up Yoga or Meditation  and would be looking for a teacher.  There is a change in your cards related to your Job.  Please go ahead as it’s for your betterment.  For Self employed, there will be an increase in your business and profits.  In your relationship, you need to be more expressive to make things better.   Spend sometime with your partner and rejuvenate the relationship.


You may be facing some health problems since long, please don’t give up as things are certainly going to improve this month.  At your workplace, you need to be cautious with your colleagues and team mates and there can be some back biting which can result in loss you. In your relationships, you feel contented as your family and friends are happy the way you take care of them.  You will enjoy their company this month and spend more time with them.


You are healthy, energetic and balanced this month. Enjoy the good health.  There are lot of good opportunities coming your way with respect to new and lucrative  job offers, business projects and clients.  The work seems to be on an upswing this month.  You may meet your soul mate this month if you are single. For those in relationship, things will improve for good.


You might change your fitness schedule and may even opt for different health regime.  You may even add something more in your existing exercise schedule. In your job or your business you are feeling stagnated as you see nothing exciting and motivating in your work and not much rise in your business.  Please don’t take any important decision this month.  There can be a good news coming your way, either conceiving of a child or a child birth.


Health is not too good, you need to follow proper diet schedule suggested by the Doctor. Please don’t take your health lightly. Regarding your work or job, you may be under an illusion that things are sliding down, but it’s not true. It’s just a stagnation and things will improve soon.  There will be a celebration in the house and you will be spending lot of tie with family and friends this month.


Start listening to your body signs before it’s too late and follow a regular health regime. You need to take a short break or rest to rejuvenate. At work, you need to be strict with your colleagues as they are taking you for granted and are getting careless about the deadlines and work schedules. There can be a delay in completion of your projects.  Your partner may be feeling lonely as you are spending lot of time on work.  Plan a surprise romantic dinner with your partner to make her feel special and  cover up for the lost time.

By Dr. Madhu Kotiya

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