Personalized Yearly Predictions by Dr Madhu Kotiya

Personalized Yearly Predictions by Dr Madhu Kotiya

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Tarot reading as per Zodiac Signs for December 2014

December monthly tarot reading:


You will reap the fruits of your hard work at your work place this week. Work will go smooth as there will not be much work and you will be waiting for results to come. This is a good time for planning and strategising. You have been very careless about your health since long, this is the high time you start listening to the signs of discomfort your body is giving to you. Go for a proper medical check up. If you are already facing some illness, follow the medical advice strictly and concentrate on your recovery. Positive thinking can also help in recovering fast. This month is very good for family and relationship. You will spend ample of time with your family and partner. A short holiday is also on the card. Go and spend quality time in nature and listen to all your family members. Let others speak, try to understand their feelings, it will help you to create more loving environment at home.


You will do quite well at your career and work. Things will turn towards success with very little efforts, as if everything is planned easy for you. Your team members and colleagues will support you and help you in achieving your targets on time. It’s a good time for investment in property. Avoid easy money schemes; they may lead you towards financial loss.  You are full of energy and ready to join a new health regime. This month is the best time to start working towards your goals related to health. You can even start with a 5 minutes’ walk to start with, follow the rule of stow and steady wins the race. This is the best time for you to take your existing relationship to the next level. You can decide for a long term commitment or decide to marry your partner. If you are single, you may meet your future life partner this month in a very surprising and unexpected way.


There is success and recognition on your way at your work place. Your seniors will appreciate your work and efforts. You may have more than one project to work on, prioritize your list of work rather than trying to do all together. Prioritizing will bring better results for you. Be aware of the people back biting, do not talk much, your work will prove how good you are. Your health will remain good this month and you will party out with friends and family a lot. This is time to enjoy and have fun. You are feeling stagnated and frustrated in your existing relationship. It is high time to solve your issues. It will be good to express what all you feel before you take a decision. Discussions may lead to one more chance of compromise. You may decide to walk out of a relationship this month. It will be a good idea to take out some time and spend with yourself. Try to understand your inner self before you take any harsh decision.


You may have to struggle to prove your point of view at your work place. There are colleagues who are try to pull you down and prove you wrong. Be cautious of the back biting. Things may not turn the way you have perceived. You may decide to change your job or leave a project in between and take a break to decide what exactly you want out of the work in hand. Take care of your health, its high time you stop taking your health lightly. You need to work on your immunity system. Small seasonal illness like cold and cough may trouble you and you may have to take off from your work and be on rest for a day or two. Try naturopathy or your grandmother’s home made formulas to heal yourself. If you are thinking of marriage and looking for a partner, this is a good time to take decision. Marriage is on the cards for you this month.


You need to collect all your energy and put into your work in hand; this is high time to complete the given work to you. You are already running late. There can be a deviation in your work area, a small change or you may have to start reporting to some other branch. You have taken your health always seriously and doing all your routine exercise to keep yourself healthy. This time it’s not physical health you need to work upon. Now you have to start working on your thought process, positive thinking is the key to your health. Don’t think about something which has not even happen, try positive affirmations. You may have to spend more time at home, taking care of an elder member of your family. There is not much happening in your relationship front this month. You may feel stagnated as nothing will move much towards good.


If you are facing some problem in your job, this is the right time to change it. You will get opportunities to change, if you try and keep in touch with job consultants. People in business may also have to face strong competition in market and may feel low in energy as there will be less result with too much of effort. Its just a phase and will be over soon, stay positive is the best way to keep your energies high. You have been trying different health programs and leaving them in between. You need to take it seriously and be regular on your health program, else you will not be able to achieve your goal. There is a beginning of new relationship in your cards, someone will walk in your life and will make your life beautiful. Do not jump into commitment fast, give it some time. May be things won’t turn out the way they are looking right now.


You are happy and comfortable in your work. Your planning skills will give you good results at work this month. Thoughtful and well planned changes in job or work will be beneficial. It a good time to invest in property or gold. You have been pushing too hard on your health to keep up your goals at work and other aspects of life. This hampering your health and may cause a long term illness if not attended soon. Watch on your food intake and drink lots of water, it will help you detoxifying your body. This is high time you start working on your existing relationship. Your partner has been  feeling  neglected since long. Take off from everything and plan to spend some quality time with your partner , it will improve things between you two.  If you are single and looking for a partner, this month is not good to get into a new relationship.


You have been putting a lot of efforts at your works,   area but things have not been turning towards good for you. You may be feeling alone as your team is not supporting you. You need to start trusting in some colleagues so that you can share your work with them. Alone you may not be able to fulfil your target. You will be in best of health this month so if you are planning to join some accessing workout, this is the best time to enrol yourself. Buying of a new vehicle is on the cards for you. A long term wish related to your career may get fulfilled or you may receive an unexpected financial gain. You may spend quite a lot of time with your friends and family. There can be a family celebration lined up or you may attend some family get-togethers. An old friend may come and meet you and make you surprised. You will be feeling happy and contented emotionally.


You have been a strong and dominating team leader at your work place. This is the time to soften your behaviour with your team members; there are chances that you lose some important colleagues because of your straight forwardness. If you are planning to venture something new, this is not the right time for you. Concentrate on what you have in your hand. Hold on your new venturing plans. Your health will remain balanced this week and there is not much to be taken care. You can concentrate on your mental health and learn or practice some meditations. You may have to spend on your family members for some sudden plan of celebration or holidays. You may go out of budget in this. So watch out on your expenses and spend carefully. Overall this month will go peaceful and happy. You may meet someone special, if you are still single. Offering water to sun in the morning will bring more success to you this month.


Recognition of work and a lot appreciation in work on your way this month. You may throw a party for your success achieved at your work place. If you have any stuck payment, you may receive it this month, do not stop following up for the same. You have very strong will power, specially when it comes to your health. Your testing time of will power is almost ending, now you need to  start taking care of your health. Your untimely food intakes and no schedule of eating is creating problem. Keep a watch on what and when you are eating. It will be a good idea to take some professionals help and get your diet plan made. Stictly following your diet plan will help you improve your health. If you are facing some health problem since long, this is the high time to consult another medical consultant and get a second advise. You may need to change your life style a bit so that you treat your problem fast.


You have been facing problems in work since long, this the time when these problems are about to get solved, don’t give up and you will see success soon. If you feel that you need to change your job, you can start looking for one now, new opportunity may just knock your door with good lucrative offers. Your health is fine, it just your mind troubling. You don’t have any illness, its just the low energy. Walking in nature, meditating, eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help. Try grounding your negative thought and learn to let go. You may decide to walk out of a long term relationship as you may feel that there is nothing much to do and nothing can be sorting out. Before you take this decision, just give your relationship a last chance, this time it may sort and you may get into a new and loving beginning of your existing relationship.


You are going to get result of your efforts soon at your workplace. Things may not turn the way you expected but still you will be beneficial. You need to learn to be contented with what you get, may be you were expecting more than practical. You have been holding and balancing with your health with an existing problem and now about to reach to the peak. You need to start looking for a solution. Living with problem and becoming habitual of the same is not a good criteria towards your own health. There is a family celebration in the cards. Birth of a baby, news of conception or fixing up of a marriage. You will spend a lot of time with your family and friends. Do not overlook on your work while putting more time at home, try to create a balance between work and home. If you are facing some problem in your existing relationship, you may reach to a solution to sort it out.

Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Life coach, Angel therapist, Past life regression therapist, Crystal therapy , Mentor in tarot classes and other occult science and paranormal subjects like white magick , healing spell casting , candle magick , wiccan healings , wiccan rituals.

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