Weekly predictions through tarot published in Pioneer daily

Tarot predictions from 28th Sept to 4th Oct 2014



You will be in high energy to enjoy your life to fullest. Regular schedule of exercise is the mantra to this good health. You need to discipline your food habits to maintain the good energy else you may have to face challenges. You need to go with the flow in your work. Any kind of changes including a job change may not give you desired results and should be avoided. Trust your inner-self in your important decisions rather than listening to friends or colleagues. Holding your important decision for this week will be favourable. You may find your love life at a standstill as you are only thinking about self and concentrating on your own feelings. It’s good to spend time with your loved one and trying to understand their feelings and concerns. Focussing on your mind and heart can help, try meditating or spending time with self. 

Lucky number 6

Lucky colour Yellow

Lucky day Sunday



Take out time for resting and relaxing, you need to re-energise yourself. Doing some yoga or light exercise will be beneficial. This time is very fertile if you are planning to have a baby. Keep a watch on your eating schedule, wrong eating can create health problem for you. You may take a decision to walk out of a job or project as you have reached to the extreme of your tolerance for someone’s behaviour at your work place. You need a small break to calm down before you decide what you want to do further. You are very truthful when it comes to your feelings but the people around you may not be responding in the same way and this might upset you. You need to keep your spirits high as your loved one reaches to the level of understanding the trueness of your feelings and actions.

Lucky number 1, 19 

Lucky colour Blue

Lucky day Monday



This is a transformation time for you in your health. You need to let go of your bad habits and irregular food schedules. Give time to your mind, body and heart. Spend some time alone meditating and trying to listen to your inner-self. You are passionate about your work and try to put your best to get good results. This time you need to be cautious about the people around you who may not give the same input as a team with you and you may have to work alone for your project. There are some new opportunities coming which can be a new project or a dream job, so keep your options open. Letting go has been always difficult for you but you need to understand that clinging on a relationship is not good when you are not getting reciprocation from your partner. 

Lucky number 3, 12 

Lucky colour Golden

Lucky day Thursday



You need to balance your health with some spirituality and yoga. You have been taking your health very lightly as you feel strong due to your will power. You may be getting affected by seasonal diseases due to low immunity system. Some guidance of neuropathology can be helpful. Your professional status is changing for good. You may travel overseas for a new work of project. There are possibilities of shifting your home due to increased work responsibility. New job options can knock your door. In relationship, situations will improve for the betterment. There will be more understanding between you two and you will learn to sort out issues by discussing them out with your partner. If you are single, its a good time to meet the right one. Go out and meet friends and family. Your soul mate may meet you in these get togethers

Lucky number 11, 20 

Lucky colour white and off white shades

Lucky day Friday



Your health may give you challenges this week as you will feel low energy and lethargy in your body. You need to listen to your body now leaving other priorities behind. You need to take strong steps towards your physical health being and to find the real issue with your health. You have been the most ethical and straight forward person at your workplace. You have the ability to analyse problems and give accurate solutions for the same. This time you may face competition. If you are single, its a dream come true time for you as you may meet someone who will have everything you have been looking in your partner. Your existing relationship will also become stronger and happier. Outings with family will strengthen your bond with your family members and bring happiness and balance in relationships.

Lucky number 6, 33

Lucky colour Mauve

Lucky day Tuesday



Positive thinking is the key to your good health. Listen to your body and do not take the signs lightly. Health will remain good if you keep creating the physical, mental and emotional balance. This is a very positive time for your work. You will get good results of all your efforts during this time. Some unexpected good news is on the way to bring happiness and success for you. Team work is your key this time so take your team along on your success journey. You have been a centre of attraction when it comes to the opposite sex. This time you will see many people getting attracted towards your charismatic personality. You need to be careful in choosing, if you are planning to get into a long term relationship as you may get into a wrong relationship. 


Lucky number 18, 27 

Lucky colour Red

Lucky day Sunday



This is the time to get realistic when it comes to your health goals. You need to choose something very practical which you can do regularly. Your health remains good as long as you remain aware of what and where you are eating your food. Enhancing your skills in your job has been on your mind since long, this is the right time to step ahead and get yourself enrolled to enhance your knowledge. If you have given some entrance exam, the result may not be very favourable. You need to remain calm as there can be more possibilities coming your way. You may feel lonely as there can be a cold war between you and your partner. You need to take the first step to discuss and sort this out. Talking and discussing is the best solution, speak out your heart and you will see situations improving soon.

Lucky number 4, 8

Lucky colour brown 

Lucky day Saturday



You will feel more energetic and young this week. Getting involved in playful activities will keep you busy this week. Working out in a group or with friends will be fun for you and will give you good results too. Worrying can never be a solution for anything, same is true for your job as well. Stay focused in your work rather than thinking about negative possibilities. You need to slow down on your thought process and concentrate on your work. Situations are improving slowly . You may be feeling dissatisfied with your job but this is not a good time for a change. You will be full of love energies this week. Spending time and partying out is what you will find yourself indulged in. You will charm everyone around and may meet someone special.

Lucky number 23, 14 

Lucky colour Orange

Lucky day Wednesday



You need to be careful about your health. Some issues may crop up and call for an unexpected expenditure. Don’t take your health lightly, even a slight discomfort should require medical advice. Travel is on the cards for you. You may travel for work or for leisure. You always try to do work alone, without taking help from others. This is creating over burden on you which is not going to give you desired results. It will be better to share your work with others for success. It is a good time for relationships. If you have been facing problems, this is the time to solve it. If you are single, this is not a good time to start a new relationship, you may end up with the wrong partner, so wait for the right time.


Lucky number 22, 31 

Lucky colour purple

Lucky day Monday



Your hard work towards your health is going to give you results now. Good times are ahead. You will see remarkable change in your physical health. Keep following your health program or whatever you are doing for improvement , you are on the right track. You may be thinking to change or deviate from your career since long. If you are sure about it, this is the time to go ahead. Change is the key of life, nothing remains permanent, so be confident and take your step ahead, success is waiting for you. You have been unstable and uncommitted for a long time, you need to take a decision about your relationship now. This is a break or keep situation. Your partner’s patience is getting over so take a decision now to avoid difficult situation ahead. 


Lucky number 5, 23 

Lucky colour pale green

Lucky day friday



You have been pushing too hard on your physical body. Take some time out to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Meditation and healing will give you more energy and strength. Success might seem far and difficult but you need to start moving ahead towards your better health. This is a good time for your job. All your efforts are going to give you result very soon. You may receive an appreciation from your organisation. A fair flow of unexpected money is in the cards. Purchase of a property will be beneficial. Sometimes you need to use your mind in your heart relationships. You need to think before you speak. Give time to your partner to express, listening to your partner may solve your issues. Your other family members also need your time and attention this week. Take out a day and spend with your family.

Lucky number 3, 30 

Lucky colour Grey

Lucky day Wednesday



You need to relax and stop worrying about your health. Things are not that bad as you are thinking. You need to calm down and meditate. Its your mental health which is getting affected due to negative thinking. You may get promoted at your job or receive a very good job offer which will enhance your money and position both. It is not a very good time for your love life. You may feel cheated or betrayed by your partner. Take out a holiday and spend some time alone to understand what do you want out of your relationship and take a strong decision. It might make you upset and lonely but lingering on a wrong relationship will further lead towards troubles and unhappiness. Your friends and family will stand by you in your decision and will prove to be a strong support.


Lucky number 9, 6 

Lucky colour Silver

Lucky day Sunday


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