Tarot Readings for October 2014


This month will bring lots of good opportunities to you pertaining to your work area, you need to choose wisely in order to get best result. It is suggested not to try holding everything coming on your way else you will end up empty handed at the end. You need to use more of your mind then your heart to get things sorted out, which has been troubling you since long. Being emotional is good but sometimes we have to take hard decisions to solve our life. You may feel alone or may have to do everything alone as people around you may not be supporting you this time. You have to go ahead on your journey alone till you reach to success. People will follow you once they see you becoming successful and happy. By you reach to the end of this month, you may see good financial gains. If you are looking for a job, you may get one of your choice.


Being smart in your work is good till the time you don’t sound like cunning, you need to be careful of your image among your colleagues and team members. You have been very logical and to the point to the people around you, this is the time you need to become soft hearted with them to get their support. This is not a good time to get into a long term relationship or commitment , you may end up choosing a wrong partner. Hold your decision of marriage commitment this month. You need to be a little careful about your health. Don’t take your health very lightly, get medical help if you are uncomfortable before it gets worse else you may end resting for long time. It will be good to do some charity for old people to bring favourable health karma for you.


This month may bring lot of touring for you related to your work area. You may also need to relocate for temporarily at your project sight. Overall related to your career this month will bring success and good name for you. You need to put more attention on your relationship and sort out the unspoken and un-discussed issues as soon as possible else they will worsen. You have many doubts in your mind and heart, you need to understand that till the time you don’t discuss them with your partner they won’t get solved, so speak it out before its too late for you. Health wise this month is pretty good for you. If you have been facing some health problem since long, this month you may get rid of it or you may find a good solution to the same.


Good times are on the way for you pertaining to your career or business. You may get very good opportunities on your way, which you have always wished for. You need to work on your time management to utilise these options coming on your way. As your relationship is concerned, you need to work hard on it this time. If you are already in a relationship, it need more of your time and concern, you may have been taking it lightly and your partner is needing your attention this time. If you are looking for a partner, you need to remain more attentive, there are chances that you meet the right one this month, listen to your heart and it will guide you towards your partner. YOu have been taking your health very lightly, now you need to be careful towards your health. Doing some yoga , pranayam or walking in nature will be helpful to you.


This month will bring many challenges for you as per your career is concerned. You may not get the results as you perceived them and this will bring un-satisfaction to you. Don’t take it to the heart, its just a difficult phase and it will be over soon with a new project on your way by the end of this month. There are chances of a new relationship on your way which will look like a dream come true to you, this time use your mind instead of your heart, the option on your way might come out like a illusion to you, do not expect long term commitment this month rather be aware of this illusion. You have been working hard on your health and this is the time to reap fruits of your hard work. You will be enjoying the best of your health this month.


Your work may not be giving you huge flow of money but the kind of work you are doing will give you immense happiness and work satisfaction. You may team up with some good colleagues at your work place which will help you get better results as a team work. It seems as if you are taking all your relationships very lightly, be it your relatives, friends or partner, you need to be more careful and attentive with your own people else it will be too late to repair everything. Taking out time can be a issue for you but showing concern is what you need to do. Health wise things will be ok for you leaving your stomach; you need to be careful on what you are eating. Avoid eating outside this month.


You have been working hard as per your career is concerned, this is the time you need to relax a bit and go slow on your work. Things will fall exactly the way you wished them. Your hard work is going to pay you through name and money. There will be a good flow of money, if you have any stuck payment, chances are that it gets clear this month. You know how to create balance between your work and your family, you have been trying to keep everyone happy by buying them gifts and all, now its time when your family is seeking your time and not the money. Plan a short holiday with your family, spend good time with them, this is the need of TIME for you. While taking care of your family and career you have been careless about your own health. You need to maintain a proper schedule of what and when you eat to keep yourself healthy.


IF you have been thinking of branching out or to start a new business, this month is the right time for you, you should take the step ahead and success will follow you soon. Investment in property is not favourable for you this month, you may postpone this investment for a month or 2. There might be a big expenditure waiting for you related to your friends and family. You may require to spend more time and money to fulfil your family’s expectations. If you are looking for a partner for marriage, you may find one this month or you may get into a long term commitment of any relationship which is going to bring a lot of happiness for you.


A new job opportunity is on your way, which will look like a dream come true to you. Blockages and problems in your career will slowly start going away making your career flourish. Be careful on what you speak and whom you talk as your words can be used against you at your work place. Your mother or the motherly figure of your life will require your attention this month. You may have to take a small off from your work and spend time with her, there can be some health issues with her which needs to be taken care. You have been putting a lot of efforts to work on your body, this time you need to be a bit cautious, weight training may cause some problem, avoid gyming and prefer walking or running.


This month will bring a good news related to your work area. You may become famous at your work place because some work completed very perfectly. You may also get some new opportunities related to your job which will bring good financial gains for you. You need to take your own decision when it comes to the options you have in your life, no one else will be able to give you the right advise. Your guide is within you, so listen to your inner-self for your important decisions this month. You might be facing some issues related to your health, which are not getting solved since some time, don’t give up. Changing your medical advisor or doctor might solve your problem, a second opinion is what you need to solve your health problem.


Your career has been happy and stable since some time, this is the time to explore and bring more success and happiness to your work. You need to add on some team members to speed up the work you are doing. You have been facing some issues in your relationship and at the verge of taking some decisions. The energies of this month are supporting you for a new beginning, try sitting with your partner sorting out the problems, you might come out with a solution you have looking for since long. Take care of your parents; they might be hiding their discomfort from you. You are getting more clearer about being healthy and opting for better and healthy life. Look for some good naturopathy solutions; they will help you in building up better immunity.


You may have to go through a not so good time as per your work is concerned , there can be some losses or failure. It will be good , not to take any important decision , pertaining to your work this month. By the time you will reach towards the end of this month , things will start improving and pick up the speed. If you have been thinking of marriage, this is a very good time to meet your partner, get into commitment or finalize your marriage date. You may meet your soul mate this month. Your family and friends are going to support you completely for all your decisions and will stand with you to help. You will feel very strong and healthy, you may party with your friends quite a bit this month.


Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Life coach, Angel therapist, Past life regression therapist, Crystal therapy , Mentor in tarot classes and other occult science and paranormal subjects like white magick , healing spell casting , candle magick , wiccan healings , wiccan rituals.


Ph: 9873283331

email: madhu@indiatarot.com


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