How Tarot can help all of us

There is a lot of misunderstanding in people about tarot as most of them it just a future telling tool. Its not even half truth. Future telling is just a small part of all uses of tarot cards. This pack of 78 cards can reveal so many hidden things within you. It can actually connect to your own sub-conscious mind and make you accept and understand your own reality and the hidden capabilities you always had but never realized.

Let me try to list out some of the uses of Tarot one by one:

  • Tarot cards can help you explore your own personality and your inner self
  • Tarot cards can guide you and help you in your personal and professional growth.
  • Tarot cards will help you in choosing the right thing between many choices you have and many time it will also help you to see what all choices you have.
  • Tarot cards can be used as a tool for meditation and rituals.
  • Tarot cards can give you clear picture of your past deeds, present situations and future possibilities.
  • Tarot cards can be used to enhance your own intuition
  • Tarot cards can help you receive messages from your ancestors, your angels and spirit guides and can help you connect with the higher self.
  • Tarot cards can help you understand your dreams.
  • Tarot cards can help you read about your friends and acquaintances to know how good or bad they are for you.

In short tarot cards can help you to become a better person by understanding and enhancing your skills to understand this life. They also teach us to live in balance, no matter what so happen around us , as the first requirement to be a good tarot reader is to be balanced and unbiased. Learning tarot cards can actually give u best friend in your bag who will always give you the right and unbiased advice.

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Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Life coach, Angel therapist, Past life regression therapist, Crystal therapy , Mentor in tarot classes and other occult science and paranormal subjects like white magick , healing spell casting , candle magick , wiccan healings , wiccan rituals.

Ph: 9873283331


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