The Real Cure for Diabetes – Positive Thinking

In India, sweets are the most essential content to be present on an auspicious occasion. On every festival people celebrate it by exchanging sweets and nobody can imagine festivities without mouth watering sweets. But it is very difficult to stay away from sweets for those who are suffering from diabetes. Those who are conscious about their health tend to skip the sweet feast on Diwali with a fear to become a victim of diabetes. It is good to adopt alternate healthy methods for cooking on Diwali, but constantly being under the fear of becoming the prey of diabetes and weight gain issues is not good either.


Our thought is what makes our health. Every single thought that runs through our mind is responsible for our health. Our thought patterns have a massive impact on our DNA and further results on our health. Changing our thoughts to positives can improve our mental, spiritual and physical states. People tend to think that the genes they inherit are stone written, so if there is any diabetic issue in the family then they are stuck with that illness. This is completely wrong. The average person has between 12,000 and 50,000 thoughts per day and these thoughts can have profound effects on our psycho-physiology. Have you ever noticed yourself having critical thoughts and a feel of tightness in your chest and on the other when you’ve been happy and all excited your body feels relaxed? These all are due to our positive and negative thoughts.


Excess in everything is bad, but still if you are having little sweets with a big thought that it is gonna harm you, it will certainly harm you in a big way, so if you are consuming sweets, maintain the thought that this consumption of sweet will help you gain good health in all ways rather than feeling guilty about having sweets. With your positive thoughts you can make everything positive or negative, so think hard before thinking guilty or negative about anything


Our fear and restrictions increases the possibility of getting prone to Diabetes. It’s good to think positive which give a feel good factor and helps in a healthy living.



Writer: Dr.Madhu Kotiya, renowned Tarot Card reader, Spiritual Healer, Angel Therapist, Vaastu Consultant and Numerologist.

PH: 9873283331

website: &


* this article is already published in various new papers and Magzines


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