Bring Change in your Life


We change place

we change people and friends

We change jobs and career

Still we feel unhappy…. why?

because we don’t change our self.

the change has to come from within always. Whatever we see around us is a direct reflection of what we are and we think. Everything around us is our own creation by our own manifestation. But we normally find people cribbing about surroundings, they keep saying i always end up with such people and nothing changes, I have even changed the city I live, but still same kind people around me.

We need to understand, that the energy moving around us, is very sensitive and it follow every little thought we have and then it manifests the way we perceived somehow, knowingly or un-knowingly.

We need to train our mind, if we want to create a change around us. The first step towards it can be : stop cribbing and crying and start blessing people, even if they are bothering you. Cribbing is not a solution, it creates negative energy first around us and then around that person for whom you are cribbing. Negative energy cannot give you positive result. So learn to bless people.

Second step can be ; start thinking positive, even if you have doubts about success of something, don’t think about failure, try to create positive energy around your work and you will see tremendous change in your attitude and success will start following you.

Following these 2 steps will bring lot of change in you and your surroundings, so start changing yourself today to create change in your life.


Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Tarot reader, spiritual healer, past life regression therapist , life coach

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Ph: 9873283331


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