Knowing the Ascended Masters & connecting with them : 2 days workshop


ascended masters



Workshop scheduled on 15/07/2014 and 16/07/2014 , 12.30 to 3.30 pm each day

Topics Covered:

1. What are Ascended Masters

2. Difference between Angels, Archangels, gods, goddesses and Masters

3. The Ascended Masters

4. Invocations for specific issues and needs

5. Higher affirmations

6. Whom to call on specific Issues and needs

7. Practical Excercises Useful for everyone, as you will learn to solve your own problems and blockanges in life, and also you will enhance yourself spiritually

Energy Exchange: Rs. 8500/- Please take a sea salt or a ritual bath before coming to the workshop. Please feel free to call at 9873283331 for any further queries.


Dr Madhu Kotiya

email :

Contact: 9873283331



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