Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Chillies


ImageThe main component in chillies is a chemical called Capsaicin, which is responsible for the intense heat sensation. Capsaicin lowers blood sugar levels, improves heart health, boost circulation and protects against strokes. Eating chillies can have a very positive impact on people who are overweight or suffer from diabetes because they reduce the insulin levels. Known as circulation boosters, chillies can have a major impact on your health by boosting circulation and also act as a blood thinner to help protect against strokes.

Important! Frequent consumption of fresh chillies may cause stomach problems. Dry chillies don’t have the same effect. They still do contain capsaicin but don’t harm your stomach.

Stabilising blood sugar levels – after eating a meal containing chillies diabetics need 60% less insulin to return there blood sugar levels to normal.

Reducing inflammation – chillies contain a substance known as capsaicin , this Neuropeptide has a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Heart health – Studies show that eating chilli regularly helps keep your heart healthy by lowering cholesterol, keeping your blood pressure in a healthy range, and allowing more blood to reach the heart.

Maintain bone health – Researchers have found that chilli peppers contain high amounts of calcium, which is important in maintaining strong bones and teeth.

Pain relief – Chillies stimulate the release of endorphins that are natural pain killers. It relieves pain caused due to shingles (Herpes Zoster), bursitis, diabetic neuropathy and muscle spasm in shoulders, and extremities. It also helps in relieving arthritic pains in the extremities.

Clears congestion – Chilies gives relief from nasal congestion by increasing the metabolism. It also dilates airway of lungs which reduces asthma and wheezing. It relieves chronic congestion in people who are heavy drinkers.

Lowers risk of some cancers – It has been noted that vitamin C, beta-carotene and folic acid found in chilli reduces the risk of colon cancer. Chillies such as red pepper have cartonoid lycopene, which prevents cancer disease.

Chillies Help to Burn Fat – Capsaicin is also a thermogenic compound, and increases the metabolic rate, which aids in the fat burning process. Studies reveal that eating chillies can raise your metabolic rate by up to 23% for about 3 hours.